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Lymphoma is a cancer in the lymphatic cells of the immune system. Typically, lymphomas present as a solid tumor of lymphoid cells. T...
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Common Lymphoma treatments discussed around the web
Rituxan 2,625 Prednisone 1,431 Methotrexate 1,031
105,551 conversations around the web about Lymphoma to help you make a decision
105,551 conversations around the web about Lymphoma to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Lymphoma

Lymphoma & Oxygen

We found 195 discussions
" ...of the hit movies on Oxygen--girl has lymphoma, yet, refuses to tell until... "

" up for 5 years, post transplant lymphoma at 30, rejection due to chemo shortly after, on oxygen at all times, and passed... "

" my husband is almost 78 and has emphysema & lymphoma, is on oxygen and daily steroid. He is so much meaner than he was..I cannot get... "

" Lymphoma The doctor just told my ...mother that she may have lymphoma based on a preliminary work ...Sjogren's Syndrome, Glomerulonephritis and is oxygen dependant COPD. And celiac (dx'd... "

" ...stating the fact of having bleo; lung damage, oxygen, etc. The onc. also mentioned ...wouldn't hurt to also mention \"Lymphoma\". Just a heads up to... "

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" Agreed. My mother who has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, uterine CA and lung cancer (all in remission and find a job where she could take her oxygen tank to. She does get SSD now after a... "

" ...year old dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday. I began chemo today ...cancer and dogs need oxygen and to change their ...bad for my dog? Can vitamins and a change in diet stop this?? My ... "

" I too, have been fearing about lymphoma. That's been definitely one of my fears. Mainly because I've suffered a lot of the I can't get enough oxygen, fear of choking,... "

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" My husband has lymphoma stage 4 B Cell and going through treatments for lymphoma right now. He was in ...We recently came home with oxygen on 6 liter. At night... "

" ...was completely convinced I had ALS and then there was ...had lung cancer. Now it's lymphoma. I know it's hard, but ...You mentioned wanting to get your oxygen level checked, it may seem... "

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