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Lymphedema (lymphoedema in British English), also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition of localized fluid retention an...
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54,539 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
54,539 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
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Lymphedema & Pain Relief Medications

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" ...lumpectomy, but, a few pain pills and I was fine. ...subsided pretty quickly and I didn't get lymphedema at all. Hopin... "

" ...Do you have Lymphedema? Also, you probably need to take those pain meds...;) Tell your docs your... "

" ...From what I know about lymphedema, the aspirin should not have any effect on it. The only analgesics we have to be careful you also have vascul... "

" ...and confirmed the risk of lymphoedema, and also said that the sore feelings and numbness can continue for weeks, didnt have painkiller yesterday - but back on... "

" Lymphedema People ™ Does anyone else suffer with overall body aches with their Lyphedema? I Lyphedema, Arthritis or my bone on bone knees. I'm finding my pain meds ... "

" ...a load of laundry, Coonie you are right I am sore, Deb can I borrow a pain pill. Need to rewrap my lymphedema and wrap up the day. God bless all of... "

" ...put me on the patches and gives me hydrocodone for break thru pain . I also have lymphedema in both arms and sometimes they just ache so bad .but the pain medicine doesn't help for that .I... "

" Been taking lyrica for fibromyalgia, no relief, on top of that i have had lymphedema due to melanoma surgery that is worse. ...this stuff and back on pain killers, less... "

" your chest be lymphedema??? I have LE in ...and when I am swollen I have ...issues. Check out the Lymphedema forum - there is some great information there...pain meds did ... "

" ...for that but the exercises also help to prevent lymphoedema developing so even with full movement it's still worth ...was advised to take my pain killers half an hour before doing... "

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