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Lymphedema (lymphoedema in British English), also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition of localized fluid retention an...
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54,333 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
54,333 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
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Lymphedema & Muscle Weakness

0.05% of the posts that mention Muscle Weakness also mention Lymphedema (16 posts)
Muscle Weakness
We found 16 discussions
" Hi there, I would have said lymphoedema, too, but with your physio consider, scarring, trapped nerves, muscle weakness. It's no wonder we get ...I used to get itching where I was... "

" Beth - it's possible that you are experiencing abdominal-muscle weakness or a possible hernia. It's very common, even among ...and I hope it's not lymphedema - and even more -... "

" ...Not easy since I have Lymphedema on that side and have play. I guess I should say balance and muscle weakness. It is so much better but I can't bring... "

" ...allows pods to treat compartment syndrome in the leg, DVTs, lymphedema, gait problems secondary to muscle weakness. Basically, things that we learn about, practice, and then... "

" ...and move on. However I have lots of limitations thanks to the neuropathy, muscle weakness, and now lymphedema. I feel lost if I didn't have these forums to keep me going.... "

" ...easy, although I'm having arm pain and some weakness ...ASAP Monday. Besides some residual muscle weakness, I am doing great. I'm ...during radiation to not encourage lymphedema. So I'm ju... "

" ...fields? Also you don't mention muscle weakness, which is usually the earliest ...if you've seen a lymphedema therapist for evaluation? A ...out issues like truncal lymphedema or Axillary Web ... "

" ...a good idea to get checked out by a lymphedema therapist: maybe she/he would recommend wearing a compression sleeve/gauntlet ...three fingers and sometimes some muscle weakness at the base of th... "

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" ...lymphedema when it's... "

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" ...or joint pain. Have some muscle weakness and mainly notice it when ...interesting that others had swelling or increased problems with lymphedema because I've noticed some of that as well. I'm... "

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