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(Lyme disease)
Lyme disease, or Lyme borreliosis, is an emerging infectious disease caused by at least three species of bacteria belonging to t...
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Common Lyme treatments discussed around the web
Doxycycline 4,821 Flagyl 2,789 Rocephin 2,316
314,704 conversations around the web about Lyme to help you make a decision
314,704 conversations around the web about Lyme to help you make a decision
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Lyme & White Tongue

0.44% of the posts that mention White Tongue also mention Lyme (36 posts)
White Tongue
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White Tongue
We found 36 discussions
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" ...lyme? i.e seen good input on the message boards and talk to those who have recovered? Did/do youhave neuro symptoms? Did you doctor suggest IV abx? This neuro disease and the aggressive abx treatm... "

" ...your LLMD on your white tongue. It could be yeast checked out the \"New to Lyme\" thread? It has l... "

" have white tongue? It may be candida infection. About Lyme - I have a story of one positive test for lyme and I have done paxil or maybe lyme? (which is not good ...did you take ... "

" white tongue Hi guys. I have a white tongue. It looks like a white ...I tested positive for lyme from IGENEX / and currently taking 500mg/day of minocycline and just started flagile. Doe... "

" ...think I just figured all of this out. Sugar cravings plus a white tongue is a sure sign of a yeast issue. And I googled it and there are ...up all sweets starting now!! Lyme causes you to lose w... "

" is clinically diagnosed like Lyme. I had it pretty badly ...first got it, I had a disgusting white tongue. The infection quickly spread down a lot like Lyme. Unless you are having... "

" ...deep breaths here!] Not only Lyme, but looking up Nystatin vs Diflucan vs....., yada, yada...aghhhhh Chapelle-I am having white tongue now that when using different herbs seems to flush... "

" ...I've been having digestive issues lately (constipation, bloating, gas, ...over a year (I have Lyme too). I don't have a white tongue but I have noticed some ...I had been taking Florastor ... "

Post from
" an eternity. The white tongue sounds like candida. A ...tested by IGenex for Lyme Disease? You can see the ...muscles/joints are a big symptom for Lyme and so is fatigue. There a... "

" ...happening. And this type of herx is different than a lyme herx, it feels like a different kind of nausea I think my yeast is in check. Also I no longer have a white to... "

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