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(Systemic lupus erythematosus)
Systemic lupus erythematosus , often abbreviated to SLE or lupus, is a systemic autoimmune disease (or Autoimmunity conn...
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Common Lupus treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 15,274 Plaquenil 14,924 Methotrexate 5,626
323,706 conversations around the web about Lupus to help you make a decision
323,706 conversations around the web about Lupus to help you make a decision
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Lupus & Swollen Feet

0.45% of the posts that mention Swollen Feet also mention Lupus (200 posts)
Swollen Feet
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Swollen Feet
We found 200 discussions
" ...and suffering Hi; My lupus flared up on 7/14 ...for my nerve problem. Really would like to know if there is a way I can get rid of this swollen feet feeling. Any suggestion... "

" ...have a problem with their feet swelling ...plaquenil, lopressor, plavix, nexium - I have been taking prednisone (30 mg.) since April. This swelling has been going on for the past 5 days, when I... "

" ...RA, and experience swelling in my feet that goes ...on 400 mg plaquenil plus methotrexate injection...i give myself a weekly shot. the combination does a decent job of keeping my lupus at a low... "

" ...years old and has swollen feet and ankles. In the ...are also cold. She has polyneuropathy and is in a wheel chair. She also has lupus and sojourn disease. I am extremely con... "

" ...March. I was diagnosed with lupus, and the ortho ...the lupus. I've had problems with my knees and feet swelling off and on,... "

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" ...the numbness and tingling. Kinda like pins and needles. A lot of times my hands are tight and a bit swollen. They have been watching me for lupus, but my levels keep bouncing around. When I was... "

" ...those test come back he wants to see me. He said we will go over everything then. He already has me on predinsone for severe swelling in my feet and hands. He also has prescribed plaquenil, but... "

" ...with some of my lupus-y symptoms. I had no ...helped. For instance, I have a lot of swelling in my feet/ankles/knees, and they definitely made an ...on that. Some of my skin rashes also start... "

" New to forum-daughter of lupus patient My mother was diagnosed with lupus in 1987 and this is the first time she ...own spirits up. She had swollen feet and legs, so she was... "

" ...swelling in my feet ...was so swollen.pain doc said swellibng is not fibro and she took me off my gabapentin.thyroid doc said looks like lupus...but my reg. rhumy says nope..not lupus.tests posi... "

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