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(Systemic lupus erythematosus)
Systemic lupus erythematosus , often abbreviated to SLE or lupus, is a systemic autoimmune disease (or Autoimmunity conn...
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Common Lupus treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 15,275 Plaquenil 14,924 Methotrexate 5,627
323,735 conversations around the web about Lupus to help you make a decision
323,735 conversations around the web about Lupus to help you make a decision
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Lupus & Swollen Ankles

0.64% of the posts that mention Swollen Ankles also mention Lupus (186 posts)
Swollen Ankles
We found 186 discussions
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" .... I have swollen ankles , feet ...precribed water pills, predisone, and gave me a needle in my back for the inflammation . I was realesed they said, it was a flare up from my LUPUS I don't... "

" ...had the same symptoms swollen ankles, knees and eyes. Along with this I had swollen eyes soemtimes, a red ...found out I had Lup... "

" ...due to the swelling in my ankles,feet ...and gastroparesis. I go the Chapel Hill, NC next week to see a specialist that treats dysatutonomia. I bet she will check me once again for lupus. At... "

" your post. I have Lupus and Hughes but for over a year now my ankles swell but more my left than .... I wonder whether the Lupus could be causing the problems... "

Post from
" ...had anemia had blood tranfusion fatigue that wont go away my wrist hurt alot my ankles swollen low white cell gone to see rhematologist done all the test the only test that comes back positive is... "

" ...lot of common symptoms of SLE Lupus. I constantly get the swollen ankles, feet, Knees, hands, joints. Keep ...10 days due to my SLE Lupus attacking all my major ...7days trying to get my SLE ... "

" Run - NO! I was born with spina bifida & diagnosed with lupus age 19 after about 7yrs of symptoms,lol!! I have very liberating. I get really swollen ankles but my gp hopes by... "

" ...swollen ankles and calves, ...been tapering my prednisone so it really doesn't make sense, but then again I'm not the doctor =) I also just started remicade 4 weeks ago, beside being really tir... "

" ...with chronic illnesses. I have Lupus, FMS with hypoglycemia and found ...helps relax your muscles. It also helps decrease the swelling in my ankles. Thanks again, Best... "

" ...ankle swelling and slight chest pains. Nipped down to the local hospital and after blood tests was told that kidney function was at with SLE. Pumped full of steroids and given cyclophospha... "

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