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(Systemic lupus erythematosus)
Systemic lupus erythematosus , often abbreviated to SLE or lupus, is a systemic autoimmune disease (or Autoimmunity conn...
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Common Lupus treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 15,181 Plaquenil 14,860 Methotrexate 5,531
322,341 conversations around the web about Lupus to help you make a decision
322,341 conversations around the web about Lupus to help you make a decision
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Lupus & Mini Stroke

1.25% of the posts that mention Mini Stroke also mention Lupus (260 posts)
Mini Stroke
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Mini Stroke
We found 260 discussions
" ...M.S and i have been DX with Hughes / Lupus / Sjogrens and many ...years for remission i have Lesions and plaque on my brain and have had multiple tia's yet my freinds are copeing very well I giv... "

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" ...had a series of Tia \" s back in ...under the brain. I had trouble walking and really doing ...recovered well . I take amitriptyline and propanonol for the headaches.. I also have lupus and... "

" ...was told I had the big one in my sleep. Since they started me on a baby aspirin a day, TiAs have really cut down. I always carry baby aspirin and regular bayer with me incase I have a major one. ... "

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" Ok I have Lupus,Fibro, High blood pressure, Had a mini stroke 1 year ago. I also have problems with my kidneys.Im 32 years old. To better explain I want to know if oxycodone... "

" Hi i have lupus /sjogren's / antiphospholipid syndrome multiple tia's and white matter disease of the brain i am... "

" ...regain what I can. I am frustrated as I was 5 ...a Word document. I have a disease Lupus anticoagulation ANA antibody disorder, so my head. Have had several TIA's since. Am longing ... "

" ...27 and from Liverpool in the UK. I have SLE, Raynauds, RA and TIA's. I have been attending hospital since I was 6... "

" ...I have had a mini stroke I'm not sure when ...that caused the problems. I have been checked for Lupus a while back dr is ...just scared I've had another mini stroke also left eye was bother... "

" ...twins. She died of her first stroke, same as my mother, another aunt, and my maternal g.m. I have had 7 strokes and countless TIA's - 3 since Sept. I attended the lupus clinic for 4 years,but I... "

" ...Direct and speak to a doctor: 0845 4647. It might just be the lupus but since you've had a mini-stroke before best to check it out. Hope all will be OK and that... "

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