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Lung Cancer

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(Lung neoplasm malignant)
Lung cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissue (biology) of the lung. If left untreated, this growth can...
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Common Lung Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tarceva 6,222 Alimta 1,995 Avastin 1,859
250,750 conversations around the web about Lung Cancer to help you make a decision
250,750 conversations around the web about Lung Cancer to help you make a decision
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Lung Cancer & Thyroid Cancer

1.23% of the posts that mention Thyroid Cancer also mention Lung Cancer (477 posts)
Thyroid Cancer
Lung Cancer
We found 477 discussions
" Taking Tarceva for treating resistant Thyroid cancer My 57 yr old husband is going to start a treatment of a lung cancer drug for his thyroid cancer. The drug is an oral... "

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" ...treatment for severe acne. My mother and her sister both received that treatment and both went on to have thyroid cancer. My aunt also had ...mastectomy. She eventually got lung cancer which was... "

" ...died from smoking so much...its so sad he tried to quit 5 times and died at the age of 48, doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer and... "

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" ...of mine has been free of thyroid cancer (and without ...urgent problem. I'd keep asking your oncologist about when it'll be time to treat it. If your oncologist is a lung cancer specialist, co... "

" ...causes cancer. I always thought I was taking good care of myself , never smoked , parents both died of lung cancer & I ended up w/ thyroid cancer. I think... "

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" Lung cancer after thyroid cancer? It's been 20 years (I'm 42) since I was treated for thyroid cancer. My endocrinologist warned me ...destroyed. Do you have patients with lung cancer who were tre... "

" My dad's mom died of breast cancer - as did her sister. My dad's dad died of lung cancer. Both my mom's sisters had thyroid cancer. My great ...My dad has high blood pressure.... "

" ...smoked. He had thyroid cancer that they thought may have been caused by radiation treatment he had as a child. \"Look, I hate smoking. It took my parents from me, my father with lung cancer, my... "

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" ...lost my mother two years ago to lung cancer (along with brain and thyroid cancer) after 40 years of smoking. My dad ...heart and lungs and he's been smoking just as long (as... "

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" ...from breast cancer, 5 years 5 months from lung cancer and 3 years from... "

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