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Lung Cancer

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(Lung neoplasm malignant)
Lung cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissue (biology) of the lung. If left untreated, this growth can...
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Common Lung Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tarceva 3,465 Avastin 1,157 Taxol 1,150
215,470 conversations around the web about Lung Cancer to help you make a decision
215,470 conversations around the web about Lung Cancer to help you make a decision
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Lung Cancer & Spasms

0.09% of the posts that mention Lung Cancer also mention Spasms (186 posts)
Lung Cancer
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We found 186 discussions
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" ...from Cancer treatment I was wondering if anyone else had muscle spasms after treatment. My husband has stage 3 Lung Cancer. He received his last now having strange muscle spasms in his a... "

" ...we always get. They did an xray on the cat. She showed me the xrays and told me that my cat has lung cancer. There were many round little white circle on the xray. The vet said lung cancer can... "

" ...says I apparently have a lung cancer met in the left ...some pain which we assumed to be just a muscle spasm. I'll see a radiologist this week about treating the bone lesion with local radiati... "

Post from
" ...stage 4 lung cancer has anyone taking the 150 tarceva and had leg ...pretty good .but the cramping has just come on i the past ...something has anyone had real bad leg spasm or cramping my o... "

" ...spasm from my cancer pain. Don't really remember any side effects to speak of and I'm pretty sensitive to all meds. Easy on the stomach, didn't make me too groggy but then I was taking a fairly s... "

" ...a dull ache in my back and muscle spasms for weeks now and I ...its my lungs. I have a bit of chest congestion and a sore throat. ...but I'm scared I have lung cancer- I've been a social smok... "

" ...month ago. I have had muscle spasms (charlie horses) around my lower ...I was afraid I had lung cancer but after reading these replies ...feel better. I get the spasms when I laugh or somet... "

" ...smoker for 40 years. I have been having muscle spasms in my back for ...Trying to get diagnosis revealed lung cancer. How often is back muscle spasm related t... "

Post from
" lung cancer do most lung cancer cause a cough Tags: bronchodilator, respiratory, airways,... "

" ...her diagnosis. The cough was awful and it came in spasms. Like you said it could make her sick. She found that softmints helped more than anything but it wasn't until she had her chemo that it... "

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