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Lung Cancer

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(Lung neoplasm malignant)
Lung cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissue (biology) of the lung. If left untreated, this growth can...
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Common Lung Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tarceva 3,506 Avastin 1,184 Taxol 1,172
216,300 conversations around the web about Lung Cancer to help you make a decision
216,300 conversations around the web about Lung Cancer to help you make a decision
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Lung Cancer & Seizures

0.3% of the posts that mention Lung Cancer also mention Seizures (640 posts)
Lung Cancer
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" My mother has lung cancer with mets to the brain. She has undergonce several to remove the tumor that was causing her to have seizures, and lose use of her left side. She is... "

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" ...because my anxiety is so evil. And yes, while you're possibly replacing one addiction with another, Xanax won't give you lung cancer. If you're under a doctor's care, you \"step down\" from it whic... "

" ...been diagnosed with lung cancer? If ...always. I would definitely suggest that he go to a physician ASAP. Whenever someone develops seizures out of the blue, it is cause for concern. ... "

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" ...A few people have had seizures. Okay. How is that any ...from a few people getting lung cancer? How is it any different ...knowing it's caused the odd seizure. The horrible consequences my br... "

" a non-smoker was diagnosed with lung cancer 4 years ago. The growth was ...1 month ago she had a seizure that almost cost her her ...scans found out she had 2 brain tumors that were once a... "

" ...And Convulsions My father is a lung cancer patient with metastasis to ...palliative care he is having convulsions, 1st one he ...tramazac, aceloplus, gabaneuron, he is having terrible pain in... "

" ...She has been pretending she is dying from lung cancer for about 18 months, so ...a new doctor. She has malnutrition, ascites and brain damage. She had a seizure two weeks ago today and... "

" When a friend of mine's mother was diagnosed with a lung cancer after the metastases in her brain caused seizures, I looked up prognosis for her cancer and found a large study of people with... "

" ...started to have seizures. The dr. put ...can do more. Just before medicare started he had a major seizure and ended up in the hospital. After some test ...they said the lung cancer was in hi... "

" daddy was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2007, I had my first seizure February 2008, my husband ...Ike and 2nd seizure, September 14, 2008. ...had my 3rd seizure October 16, 2009....... "

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