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1,020 conversations around the web about Antibiotics to help you make a decision
1,020 conversations around the web about Antibiotics to help you make a decision
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Lumpectomy & Antibiotics

We found 1,025 discussions
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" ...almost three years after her lumpectomy in her affected breast. It turned out she had a staph infection, which required antibiotics to clear up. So, don't... "

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" Also had lumpectomy and then 2nd surgery to ...time but I was on antibiotics for 8 months while undergoing ...were low. many gals have developed infections after chemo and they... "

" Redness in breast after lumpectomy. Infection or healing process? I am a 52 year old female. Had lumpectomy on right breast 2 months ...GYN gave me 7 day antibiotics , but didn t clear... "

" ...hi everyone, I finished lumpectomy,chemo and rads for breast ...back to onc who prescribed antibiotics and a check with breast surgeon. antibiotics have made no difference ...I see surgeon. A... "

" ...after having a lumpectomy more than 6 weeks ago. I was having a seroma aspirated 2 and tender. I have a fever and am sick to my stomach. My dr put me on antibiotics a couple weeks ago... "

" I finsihed rads (after lumpectomy) on Sept 30, Since then I am having trouble breathing (shortness of breath or ...with breathing treatments, steriods and antibiotics, seems to help some for... "

" ...sore . I had a lumpectomy on the 16th January breast ...inflamed so i was given antibiotics but the pain isnt getting any better and my breast has swollen to twice the size... "

" ...happen to me after my lumpectomy. I had a urine infection that spread through the and said you have an infection and phoned the gp and got me some antibiotics there and then. Don't leave... "

" ...past 4 days, noticed that my left breast where lumpectomy was was red, and warm to the touch. Went today and got some antibiotics. I had 19 lymp nodes ...hope I begin to feel better... "

" ...I was wondering has anyone experienced a seroma after lumpectomy.I had it drained a ...guided by ultrasound. I have been in pain for weeks . ...swollen. And on different antibiotics. Also ca... "

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