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Lump In My Throat

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(Globus feeling in pharynx)
Globus pharyngis (also known as globus sensation, globus or, somewhat outdatedly, globus hystericus commonly referr...
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44,047 conversations around the web about Lump In My Throat to help you make a decision
44,047 conversations around the web about Lump In My Throat to help you make a decision
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Lump In My Throat & Stiff Neck

0.2% of the posts that mention Stiff Neck also mention Lump In My Throat (68 posts)
Stiff Neck
Lump In My Throat
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Stiff Neck
We found 68 discussions
" ...have felt so bad that I wonder if I'm slowly dying. I've had a terribly stiff neck, lump in my throat, ears hurt, achy body, headaches, acid reflux....the list goes on and on. Could all... "

" ...B12 level, vitamin D level. Stiff neck or cancer? Hello sir Can ...your help i am having a feeling of something stuck in my throat from last 5 months ...months.. Also i have a stiff neck as w... "

" having a sensation of a lump in my throat (globus hystericus) that subsides ...Furthermore, I had muscle twitching in the ...old. Furthermore, I have neck stiffness and general muscle stif... "

" ...fatigue, burning eyes, flushed face and stiff neck. I am not sure if ...bringing these symptoms on myself. If I am how do I get rid of them? The \"lump feeling\" in my throat is a constant. ... "

" ...experience all symptoms except the lump in throat.Stiff neck and muscle twitching everywhere eyes,... "

" first post, but notice that I now experience a stiff neck, a lump in my throat and in the wee hours of the morning scary... "

" ...this moment all the pain is in my right TMJ, jaw and roots of my upper teeth hurt. Pain at the ...skull ( right side) stiff neck, sensation of the lump in throat, keep swallowing. I... "

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" ...time I also felt a small lump in my throat . The \"lump \" ...A few days later, the neck stiffness disappeared, but my right ...notice that I am also feeling some sharp shooting pains down th... "

" ...experiencing a stiff neck blocked sinus with I have been experiencing a stiff neck blocked sinus with lots of nasal drip constant throat clearing and now feels like lump in my throat for about... "

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" ...15 and i also have this lump feeling in my throat. Some days it feels better along with a really stiff neck sometimes clicks loudly when i ...just recently i have noticed a swelling on... "

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