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Lumbar Spondylosis

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Ask a question
599 conversations around the web about Lumbar Spondylosis to help you make a decision
599 conversations around the web about Lumbar Spondylosis to help you make a decision
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Lumbar Spondylosis & Disability

We found 19 discussions
" ...find out as well. I am 39 and just diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis in it's severe stage, which my doctor says is ...Is a helpless spiral into disability my only option? Is there... "

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" ...spinal cord. I also have lumbar spondylosis. The instruction is written to fully qualified, but I am in pain everyday and my record ...such as GI Bill and disabilit... "

" ...bring?? Does anyone have good results with treatment of any kind I have now been diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis as .... They are giving me bad side effects, confusion and anxiety where i ... "

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" ...many financial woes. I live near kankakee county illinois, and need to find a doctor who can treat the following problems--- 5 bulged discs 3 disc potrusions lumbar spondylosis head aches in... "

" ...trying to apply for disability, but before i get ...with facet hypertrophy. Impression: mild lumbar spondylosis, with no spinal stenosis or ...been turned down for disability twice and now ha... "

" ...spine spondylosis over 4 levels lumbar spondylosis, Postlaminectomy syndrome. Know can anyone ...that I should be perminately disabled. Dr. says there is nothing... "

" ...patellae aka Soldiers Knees Degenerative lumbar spondylosis - aka Spinal damage and ...Currently I am getting 60% Disability with DVA but just applied... "

" on remittion, cervical and lumbar spondylosis and fybromyalgia and I got ...when I first developed my bloodclot they accused me of ...not real - and the Disability Doctor I had to see... "

" ...pinched nerves(2 of them) lumbar spondylosis, Degenerative disc disease, arthritis ...both hips. Also have alot of constipation and some unrinary ...I should file for disability, does that he... "

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" ...away with it I pulled out with 70% DoD and 100% VA permanent disability retirement. UNFIT Lumbar spondylosis -40% (ROM less then 30 degrees) -left rad 20% -right rad 10% cervical... "

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