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Common Swelling treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 26,065 Tylenol 17,714 Prednisone 16,643
1,942,077 conversations around the web about Swelling to help you make a decision
1,942,077 conversations around the web about Swelling to help you make a decision
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Lumbar Laminectomy & Swelling

We found 27 discussions
" ...thing, I do is take a NSAID like ibuprofen or aleve to get the swelling around the nerve down to ...exercises and eventually required a lumbar laminectomy...back surgery. Make sure you don't... "

" ...Laminectomy Hi George, I had a Laser surgery done in april it had immediate pain relief.(to open a nerve canal). Then 2 days later I had swelling for about 2 weeks then one day it went away and tha... "

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" ...year. I still have swelling on my surgery ...experiencing severe headaches. Why still the swelling and why... "

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" ...Oct., 18th of this year. I still have quite a bit of swelling and am now having severe headaches. Why still the... "

" ...had lumbar laminectomy surgery on my L3/s1 ...days ago. I still have alot of swelling in my lo... "

" My mother was on neurontin after her lumbar laminectomy and it did nothing. she ...physiatrist put her on lyrica and that did nothing either. She had a lot of foot swelling from the neurontin, to... "

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" ...this. Last year, before my lumbar laminectomy for a herniated disc, I ...lbs. and all of the swelling was gone!! This year Dr. Moura ...TCI told me that the swelling was probably the re... "

" ...All! I had a microscopic lumbar laminectomy (L4-L5) 2 1/2 weeks ago. ...heal? Also, I still have some swelling around the incision site, anyone work - almost no leg pain anymore just ... "

" ...I had a decompression lumbar laminectomy at L4-5 in March, stated. I have spinal arthritis and degenerating disks. ...oral steroid, dexamethazone, for the swelling of your esophagus. ... "

" ...back pain subsequent to a lumbar laminectomy in 1989. Six months postop. ...1997 and was prescribed Neurontin in 2001. I ...are the cause. I have also experienced swelling in my hands an... "

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