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Method of use: Lozenge
Prescribing mode: OTC
throat lozenge, cough drop, troche, or cough sweet is a small, medicated tablet intended to be dissolved slowly in t...
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Lozenges for Cough
26,284 conversations around the web about Lozenges to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Lozenges and compared it to other Cough medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Lozenges & Synthroid

We found 10 discussions
" ...HEALTH CARE MAGIC Pristiq is desvenlafaxine and the drug belongs ...etc. You are also taking synthyroid, but as per my opinion ...of mouth you can take sugar free lozenges. This will help in... "

" ...sore throat remedies worked, lozenges etc. I doubt it ...A few days ago, my Synthroid was increased. Within a day, I got very congested and now have a nasty sinus infection, which called fo... "

" ...better since being on synthroid). I ...the best doctor in the world. When I went to her about a month and a half ago about my tonsils...... she told me to gargle with salt water and use lozenges... "

" ...a period of time was taking lozenges made from capcasin, they ...I think I will take the lozenges again as I feel ...issues except for I am on synthroid for my thyroid. I... "

" ...into remission was capcasin lozenges that were specially get this diagnosed one idiot doctor said just be glad you don't have cancer, I wanted to I do take synthroid for my thyr... "

" ...again, but the 30 pounds I gained never came back off. I did not ...4 mg. nicotine gum or lozenges. When I first began vaping last test, so my doc upped my Synthroid dosage to 150 m... "

" ...having me try out some Testosterone Troche. These are oral lozenges that disolve in your mouth. Grape flavor Test is ...of these and the Gel. He may change my synthroid to Armour... "

" ...that didnt fit - my synthroid and my cholesterol medication - ...1 month hurt without my synthroid so I didnt take it ...the most amazing chewables - lozenges - cherry is great and... "

" ...sublingual micro lozenges 500mcg each...i ...take forever.... on another issue you have disscued thyroid problems did you say that there was no alternative med instead of synthroid? i... "

" ...bag she said \"let me guess, synthroid .25 mg\" she was spot ...13C-Dim - 2 capsules/day 4. Tranquilent - one to three lozenges/day 5. Progestrone cream - 1/8 tsp. 3x/day 6. Nature-Throid... "

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