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(White blood cell count decreased)
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Neupogen 602 Filgrastim 8
6,560 conversations around the web about Low WBC to help you make a decision
6,560 conversations around the web about Low WBC to help you make a decision
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Low WBC & Positive ANA

0.81% of the posts that mention Low WBC also mention Positive ANA (53 posts)
Positive ANA
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Positive ANA
We found 53 discussions
" ...guys, My Rhuematologist did my Lyme tests (again) and here's ...gave me a random DX of Reactive Arthritis and closed the door ...high CRP, on and off positive ANA and Low WBC count. Can an... "

" ...test was inconclusive. I had pneumonia back in July and see new patients. My love letter contained another positive ANA, low WBC count. They also took a chest xray that showed... "

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" have Fibro. I have a feeling it's more than Fibro. He basically said it ...on labs before like constant low WBC and positive ANA. The ANA was normal when ...its a problem from my diabetes... "

" ...10 years and have had a positive ANA all that time, however it ...that? I always have a low WBC and have had a high ...incidental things . So a positive ANA does not automatically mean that... "

" ...year old has been having foot pain for over a year, ...what was going on. He was negative RA, CBC indicated low WBC, high RBD, high hemoglobin, positive ANA 1:320, speckled. She refe... "

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" Last summer I was dealing with rashes on my cheeks, they burned etc., due to positive ANA - sent to rheumatologist, tested ...check that out. Wondering, is low wbc common when dealing with possible... "

" ...Your past ANA, CRP and low WBC should be some kind of ...labs (about a years worth) and she saw the positive ANA and that was it but she looked at everything...... "

" you, always has a low WBC. The general population also frequently has a positive ANA with a titer ...anti-SSB, because Sjogren's patients have a slightly higher increase of lymphoma. It ap... "

" ...anyways :) I have LC, celiac, endometriosis food sensitivities ...had any for months) positive ana, high titer homogeneous/speckled high bilirubin low wbc I'm sure other things... "

" ...ANA. Some members have had rashes biopsied and they were ...that. They didn't have a positive ANA. Having the steroids working for fibro. I always have low wbc. My rhumey says... "

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