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Loss Of Appetite

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(Loss of appetite finding)
Anorexia (deriving from the Greek language " -" (a(n)-, a prefix that denotes absence) + " " (orexe) = appetite) is the de...
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Common Loss Of Appetite treatments discussed around the web
Medical Marijuana 1,803 Marinol 268 5-HTP 208
265,708 conversations around the web about Loss Of Appetite to help you make a decision
265,708 conversations around the web about Loss Of Appetite to help you make a decision
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Loss Of Appetite & Viral Infection

0.48% of the posts that mention Viral Infection also mention Loss Of Appetite (269 posts)
Viral Infection
Loss Of Appetite
We found 269 discussions
" ...twice on the border. 1st time turned out to be a viral infection in his throat that was preventing causing the symptoms including let2hargy and loss of appetite. I know you guys will... "

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" ...admitted to hospital due to a high fever, loss of appetite and being lethargic. They said he has a viral infection as his throat and right ear were red. He's still being mardy but eating a little... "

" ...ago, my DD went on a food strike for couple of ...DD had a viral infection going on, it was actually starting to clear up. She had ...was teething, but she wasn't it was a viral infection. Ta... "

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" I had an ear infection last year, I know how you are feeling ...the same as you. I was told I got a viral infection, no appetite and very poorly, I was seeing a lot of... "

" Sick toddler. No appetite - how to fill belly for bedtime?? DS has a viral infection. He's 15mths and NO appetite not even for bottles of stretch was 2hrs. We are EXHAUSTED and I'm convinced... "

" ...not sleeping, loss of appetite, hard to settle etc. Have been using Nurofen and has ...said she had a viral infection and that ...milk still. If i am supposed to stop milk what else do ... "

Post from
" ...of appetite after viral infection My 1-year old daughter had a very bad viral infection with high fever of ...time after the viral infection, she became a ...the same with no appetite at all.... "

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" she actually has a viral infection and the doc said she probably just has no appetite she also thinks the holes... "

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" ...first symptoms, I had the worst 10 day viral infection of my life. I ...move. I had zero appetite (ex... "

" ...viral infection i had in july the docs ...i had a 38.9 temp, no appetite, extremely tired and diarrohea, ca... "

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