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Treato analyzes billions of patient discussions to understand what patients are saying about their experience with regard to their treatments, diseases and side effects. Treato algorithmically identifies patients' positive experiences about medications within their Web posts, for example acne that cleared up, high blood pressure that was reduced, a certain drug that "worked", and so forth. Treato aggregates all of these discussions to calculate how many positive patient posts each medication received, relative to other drugs. Note that positive patient posts about medications are always aggregated in relation to a specific condition, since the same medication may be used for more than one condition.
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Hydrocodone or dihydrocodeinone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from either of two naturally occurring opiates: codeine and t...
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Lortab for Pain
62,989 conversations around the web about Lortab to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Lortab and compared it to other Pain medications
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Lortab & Peach

We found 37 discussions
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" ...brand lortabs and the norcos are watson also, a orange mabey peach color. well i take that back i have taken lorta... "

" ...or HCTZ is round, peach and scored. The pill in question is definitely a Lortab, just one w/less... "

" ...flavor of Propel is Peach with Strawberry Kiwi in ...breath...that is because you are in Ketosis. That will pass ...good...especially because you aren't taking any Lortab. I am a baby and l... "

" ...last one 10/22/08 I had a massive heart attack. I tried it all for me. I take Loratab and Soma. It barely works. I cann't take anything on me. Be Sweet, Peac... "

" Hi Peach, I have the AARP Medicare ...the $100.00 per month. My last Doc only wrote scrip for Lortab in 100 pills, well 4 per day what ...that is like !! I am so very tired emotionally and don't... "

" ...I have done pretty well. Pain control pretty good. Using ice and Lortab, though mostly ice. Ended up having to spend the ...where I go from here. thanks for any input. WV Pe... "

Post from
" ...WD's from heavy Lortab use. I'll probally ...doing. I've taken a couple of Xanax 's since waking up this morning. They are the peach ones, & they ...but they have helped with the nervous stom... "

Post from
" ...because I also take ibuprofen, and so I don't think I need the Lortab 10/500 that I take 4 ...worried. This is a peach oval with the imprint ...that Watson made the pain pill I was on befor... "

" ...a motrin PM when Im not on Percocets to help sleep over the Lortabs (speed me up) and just plain pain. Where did you get my favorite. followed by peach tea. Sweetpickle-Aww is that you?... "

" Peach, I was wondering what Baby ...only thing I had taken was one Lortab when I pulled my now, where I'm on antibiotics and strong pain medications. Of course, just... "

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