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Liver Disease

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(Liver disorder)
Liver disease (also called hepatic disease) is a broad term describing any single number of diseases affecting the liver...
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Common Liver Disease treatments discussed around the web
Milk Thistle 2,067 Spirulina 8
99,081 conversations around the web about Liver Disease to help you make a decision
99,081 conversations around the web about Liver Disease to help you make a decision
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Liver Disease & Reflexology

We found 23 discussions
" ...havent had any liver or thyriod tests, but my dad passed away from liver disease so im dfo getting myself down the doctors. i do have ...into acupuncher and reflexology now, is acupuncher... "

" Acupuncture or Reflexology I know someone had a ...wondered about the effects of reflexology and its benefits. The therapist ...they told her she had stomach and liver problems and to cut out... "

" ...logo). Looking at my reflexology chart, the blisters are my friend is having liver problems (see thread in natural remidies board \"fatty liver\") It terms of reflexology, how can i b... "

" 5th TAX was reduced, after liver issues and I don't seem to ...many aches and have had more energy, but the rest of effective. I had a reflexology session Thursday, not usually int... "

" ...used iridology for his diagnosis, reflexology to confirm it and treated her for liver problems. Her gallbladder was inflamed, but ...actual stones. Once the liver problem was addressed the gallb... "

" ...a B vitamin complex it can't be that. My dermatologist suggested I try Sarna cream, it's OTC but expensive and it didn't may be related to liver issues-reflexology it may be related to... "

" your post. That you are having liver problems was the first thing that popped into my head. Is ...have a chiropractor that practices reflexology, and dispenses only whole, organic... "

" ...take back what I said. Liver problems are something that TCM is very good at treating, so it ...12 years that I was sick came from Chinese ...and went to a reflexology place staffed by peo... "

" Tracey, You could always give a reflexology treatment using the reflex points on the hands. 1. Liver (right hand) 2. ...for this, as usually it is caused by a liver disorde... "

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" ...Now, if you have liver problems of any sort, this ...helped my husband with his liver problems _tremendously_ but did nothing for ...have had good training. Now, reflexology seems _very_ ... "

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