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Liver Cancer

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(Hepatic neoplasm malignant)
Liver cancer or hepatic cancer is a cancer that originates in the liver. Liver cancers are malignant tumors that grow on the su...
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Common Liver Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Nexavar 584 Cisplatin 52 Adriamycin 17
34,074 conversations around the web about Liver Cancer to help you make a decision
34,074 conversations around the web about Liver Cancer to help you make a decision
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Liver Cancer & Lower Back Pain

0.07% of the posts that mention Liver Cancer also mention Lower Back Pain (25 posts)
Liver Cancer
Lower Back Pain
We found 25 discussions
" a while\" That happened to me today. I got a pain in my lower back, which used to make me believe I had liver cancer, that I haven't felt in probably 6 months. All... "

" ...all the time and have lower back pain. i am sick and tired all the time. im always on the ...for cancer. my dad had stomach and liver cancer and my sister had hysterectomy... "

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" Cirrohsis and liver cancer My dad was diagnosed in ...we were told he has liver cancer. The tumor is 11.5 ...past week he has had alot of lower back pain, not urinating but maybe... "

" ...find anything wrong with him. After months of complaining of lower back pain and losing weight they finally diagnosed him with pancreatic and liver cancer, and he was dead in 6 mos. even with... "

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" ...lower back pain, but with large confounding factors. This first study is likely the one. The SC group incorporated far more use of NSAIDS and exercise than the US group did, and efficacy was dete... "

" ...My father has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and isn't doing too well. ...every day with incredible pain in my lower back and abdomen -- my ...the severity of my dad's cancer. I ... "

" ...with what you are going through. My husband had been experiencing lower back pain for a while so he went to the doctors that.......his mother died of liver cancer 7 years ago but she... "

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" ...blood pressure for years. They have been under control with medication . Now, about 2 yrs ago, he went to dr having lower back pain and thye did a urine ...died of a rare liver cancer where it w... "

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" Lower back Pain Hi everyone Hope everyone enjoyed ...this question. I started having lower back problems the past few days. ...sympton that is common with liver cancer, which I... "

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" ...have never really had lower back pain. I have pain on ...apparently is a symptom of liver cancer. Are you on any medication or injections like Neulasta? Neulasta can make your muscles and joi... "

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