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Neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue as a result of neoplasia. Neoplasia ("new growth" in Greek) is the abnormal cell prolifer...
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664,810 conversations around the web about Tumor to help you make a decision
664,810 conversations around the web about Tumor to help you make a decision
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Liposuction & Tumor

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" myself a six-pack for my birthday, albeit a dimply one, and how my tumor may actually lead to liposuction that will smooth out my six--ironic isn't it. ( They take fat from... "

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" ...that are available should she need it. The Mayo Clinic has does surgeries using liposuction to remove tumors without damaging the nerves. We are hoping she wont need surgery but it... "

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" ...can be treated by liposuction. Lipomias are refered to as plexiform tumors. Could the neurofibromas mentioned as plexiform tumors. Also, I would ...see how the liposuction removes t... "

" ...lipomas were removed with liposuction through a very small ...then somekind of repeated liposuction could be an option. But the treatment should be affordable. Liposuction is an option since... "

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" ...a few times. I used the morphine drip once and made big deal. I had liposuction last year because I felt ...but with the fact that I had a large stage 3 tumor in the axilla. Some... "

" ...weight, very quickly from the tumors. Also, it was mentioned that having the tumors around the heart and lungs ...fatty deposits around joint areas, that liposuction could provide short term rel... "

" ...practician, so he has good sized scars. If you have ...blood supply to the tumor. Plastic surgeons can use liposuction, which is a smaller ...even bigger? Usually with tumors, even benign ... "

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" liposuction, so, you are very sore where they remove ...where you had the tumor removed... "

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" ...wet splat as the discorporated tumor hit the floor. It could ...for tattoo removal, perhaps even liposuctio... "

" ...Is the do it yourself liposuction kind of like a plunger? ...would think you had a tumor on your... "

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