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lipoma is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue. It is the most common form of soft tissue tumor. Lipomas are soft to the touch, u...
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12,204 conversations around the web about Lipoma to help you make a decision
12,204 conversations around the web about Lipoma to help you make a decision
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Lipoma & Lymphoma

1.81% of the posts that mention Lipoma also mention Lymphoma (221 posts)
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We found 221 discussions
" hear about your dog having kidney disease. The good news most likely a lipoma which is benign (not ...lump! Is your cat having any treatment for the lymphoma? Hope this helps ... "

" probably a fibroid or lipoma. You don't need the extra ...this neck/laryngeal cancer first. Take an extra xanax or whatever and just ...-- btw I was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma at age... "

" Lipoma? A few years back I ...the doctors dismissed as a lipoma. After is grew quickly I ...My sister died at 40 from breast cancer and my Dad has lymphoma AND colon cancer so not worrying is e... "

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" ...and I was diagnosed with Follicullar Lymphoma stage 1 in Dec.2012. ...surgeon all told me it was a lipoma but upon removal, they ...I felt \"misunderstood\" wrt my tiredness still 2 years... "

" ...told me it was a lipoma. I also saw a dermatologist ...him to feel it. He also said it was a lipoma. I wasnt too worried so could be something worse. (lymphoma,cancer) -its NOT growing... "

" ...I saw the surgeon. It's a benign lipoma, thank goodness. Doc said the ...and in relation to the overheard conversation about the lymphoma I referred to in my original message, my wife said I sho... "

" ...\"if's\" here. Does Ladywolf have another Lymphoma? I don't know. If it is a Lymphoma, how will your vet ...know the usual treatments for Lymphoma in dogs, cats and be a benign lipoma? ... "

" Poor Jen. George had a lipoma removed from his chest about 20 years ago. Not to gross ...out or anything, but a lipoma is a big squishy collection ...have them, too). A lipoma is soft and m... "

" ...inflamed muscle. From that he said it was a Lipoma. I never panicked because it ...that DR than told me it was a large Varicose Vein. And sent me to ...main fear now is Lymphoma. Even after t... "

" ...wrong. I went in there today sure I had lymphoma. He said it may be a lipoma and he wouldn't worry about it. I wish he didn't say Lipoma because them I started to... "

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