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Lipedema is a disorder of adipose tissue distinguished by five characteristics: 1) it can be inherited 2) it occurs almost exclusivel...
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903 conversations around the web about Lipoedema to help you make a decision
903 conversations around the web about Lipoedema to help you make a decision
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Lipoedema & Weight Loss

9.52% of the posts that mention Lipoedema also mention Weight Loss (86 posts)
Weight Loss
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Weight Loss
We found 86 discussions
" ...I also have lipedema, and am trying to lose weight-it's slow going! I am ...compression garments. Anyone have any weight loss success with this... "

" ...something. The show completely ignores lymphedema, treatment for it needs to be done in combination with any weight loss efforts. ... I have Lipedema and... "

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" ...round the internet for weight loss information. I'm female, nearly ...are skinny-to-the-max fit on me. I hope that losing weight will help to lessen the effects of the lipoedema, as well a... "

" Losing weight helped my lymphedema in conjunction ...wrapping. Are you getting any treatment for your lymphedema currently? ...I have Lipedema and Lymphedema. I also have a passion for Obesity a... "

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" ...mos or so. MLD treatment is working. Slowly, but working. I also have Lipedema. It makes this entire I needed to loose weight and exercise! I was And still no weight los... "

" ...physical therapist...he NEVER mentioned lipedema...a friend who I met ...a yahoo group had lipedema and of course ...that...but honestly the weight loss above the waist has at least reduced t... "

" ...Gina.... Mine were hypertension (diagnosed at ...of diagnosis), PCOS, lipedema, and cholesterol that ...thought that would happen), lipedema is still there but I have lost weight on my bo... "

" #8 Some people have lipoedema. google it to see some severe cases. If you have lipoedema, you'll lose some weight off your legs, but you may never have \"normal\"legs. My sisters and I... "

" ...with lipedema Hello! How have you ...lbs since August. For me, losing weight is slow because I have a condition called lipedema. I wonder, does an... "

" ...were due to lipedema and lymphedema. Depending ...depend on if losing weight will resolve the issue. I have Lipedema and Lymphedema. I also have a passion for Obesity and Health... "

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