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Other names: Atorvastatin
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Atorvastatin (International Nonproprietary Name) , sold by Pfizer under the trade name Lipitor, is a member of the drug class kn...
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Lipitor for High Cholesterol
42,715 conversations around the web about Lipitor to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Lipitor and compared it to other High Cholesterol medications
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Lipitor & Slo Niacin

We found 44 discussions
" ...made that \"most people can take 2,000 mg. Slo-Niacin (in whatever form) without discomfort\", ...lot better than 35...or the miserable 28 before the Lip... "

" ...I take 5mg of Lipitor daily by cutting the ...lower my LDL without noticeable side effects. I take 500mg of slo-niacin at bedtime. Why? because ...level. I also take ubiquonol (CoQ10), lo... "

" ...curious if you started back on the Slo-Niacin? I am considering ...oil. Were/are you using Lipitor (or a... "

" ...What is your HDL when using slo-Niacin? Are you seeing any I remember you use Lipitor already but I'm wondering if you've ever been tested with just the slo-Niacin. I've not had any... "

" I was on Lipitor till 5 years ago and ...experience. I threw out the Lipitor and used Slo-Niacin and of course altered my the cardiologist and he recommended Zocor 20mg qHS. I'm staying... "

" Lucy, I have had VERY good luck with Lipitor both at 10 mg. and ...year I've added 500 mg. Slo-Niacin. The combination gives me spectacular numbers. (I had/have angina and have a stent.)... "

Post from
" I was taking 1500 mg of Slo-Niacin a day on the advice ...Due to a rash, I reduced ithe time-released niacin to 1000 mg. After pin pricks. I can't take Lipitor or Lescol XL due to... "

" After about 10 years on Lipitor, I developed muscle weakness and then debilitating muscle cramps. I could not get punch! I also take fish oil, CoQ10, slo niacin, and eat all the suggested... "

" ...take slo-niacin. Since I started taking it, my doc has slowly been weaning me off lipitor ( started at ...worried that slo-niacin would raise ...body adapts. I've never heard of double vision... "

" ...for the Slo-Niacin info. I'm still just waiting for the muscle pain I had with Lipitor to start with this ...summertime interesting. I take gabapentin for hot flashes and it works great. All ... "

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