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What patients are saying about
Linzess and Bloating

/ 168 posts
  • Bloating is #1 in Linzess discussions.
  • 168 posts reported Bloating with Linzess, 14.61% of total posts
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  • 77 posts reported Nausea with Linzess, 6.7% of total posts
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Stomach Pain
  • Stomach Pain is a known side effect of Linzess
  • 76 posts reported Stomach Pain with Linzess, 6.61% of total posts
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Weight Gain
  • 30 posts reported Weight Gain with Linzess, 2.61% of total posts
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Treato My Voice
By Kiki
June 2, 2014
Kiki wrote
Bloating while on Linzess
I started taking Linzess about a month ago. I feel like I am about 3 months pregnant due to the bloating / abdominal distension that I experience. It really helps my IBS-C and Idiopathic Constipation, but I am wondering if this will go away after taking it for awhile.
I have been on it since December, and the bloating has been non-stop. I have even seen an increase in my weight. I haven't added/changed anything to my typical diet. After reading many online posts, I am beginning to think that Linzess is the cause.
Carly  |  July 10, 2014
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By Linzess for IBS-Constipation
August 16, 2013
Linzess for IBS-Constipation wrote
Linzess- constipation IBS
I suffered from chronic constipation for a year, and stretched my colon out from all the poop that was stuck in there. This irritated my bowel and caused Irritable bowl syndrome, and now have many food allergies/intolerances. My doctor told me to take a couple scoops of miralax every night to go to the bathroom the next morning. This made my BM running and I did go, but that wasn't my problem in the first place, I could go I just couldn't empty out. So My doctor put me on Lynzess and it worked great. I drank a lot of water wit the pill and it gave me really bad diarrhea, and really flushed everything out. I was fine with this because I could not stand the thought of being full of poop. I was really nausea for about 2 hours after I took the pill and flushed out but it went away after 4 hours. After 4 months I started to bloat really bad after taking the pill and flushing out, my doctor told me not to drink so much water with it so it wont flush me out but give me a real BM. SO hopefully that will work. I haven't tried it yet so...
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By Anon
October 3, 2014
Anon wrote
Linzess effectiveness and side effects
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By Rx
June 13, 2014
Rx wrote
I JUST started taking it and find it gives me a bad cough
Vickie  |  September 7, 2014
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By Anonymous
April 18, 2014
Anonymous wrote
Linzess vs. Amitzia --- Linzess, hands down!
Expect a MAJOR BLOWOUT, hun! Venture not too far from facilities!!!!!
Janee Dickenson, Alabaster, Alabama  |  September 19, 2014
Just. Started. Taking linzess. Fitst one was at4pm. What. Should i expect
thurst789@gmail.com  |  August 20, 2014
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By Grey Rain
November 30, 2013
Grey Rain wrote
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By Ron
November 23, 2013
Ron wrote
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What patients are saying about Linzess and Bloating

168 patient discussions from healthcare websites and blogs
I had been having extreme constipation, bloating, and gas...
...year before I was able to get a referral to see a gastroenterologist. He quickly diagnosed me with IBS-C and prescribed me Linzess. I am on the highest dosage of it (290 mcg) for a little over a...
Anyone else have a similar experience? No side effects...
Linzess - MORE constipated? Advertisement Hi all-   ...2x a day in addition to the linzess and nothing. Anyone else have a similar experience? No side effects, though. Maybe a little more...
can't say Linzess doesn't work, but I'm having some pretty...
...when my doctor suggested I try the new medication Linzess that's been effective in eliminating IBS symptoms and is used only for that purpose, I really hoped it will work. And I can't say Linzess...
fewer results from it and increasing side effects--bloating...
...linzess.    for me, the 145 dose didn't work at all so i went to the 290. that worked for a few days--i had very loose/D-type stools-- then i started to get increasingly fewer results from it a...
day normally. The problem I was still having was bloating...
...on the Linzess 290mg dosage. The diarrhea is no longer severe. I do have bouts of diarrhea sometimes but the most part I go every day normally. The problem I was still having was bloating and...
with IBS. Ive been taking the LInzess for 2 months and the...
...Constipation. My original complaint was constant bloating and constipation. I had ...then I was diagnosed with IBS. Ive been taking the LInzess for 2 months and the bloating continues. I can pre...
am so bloated and feel like I have gained a ton of weight...
...been on Linzess for 5 days and am so bloated and feel like I have gained a ton of weight. The clothes I ...gained as I have an eating disorder history so will ...as I have severe constipation...
people like me... I've been on Linzess for 3 weeks. It was...
...people like me... I've been on Linzess for 3 weeks. ...finally pooped my brains out. I am still so bloated I can hardly bend ...7-8 months pregnant looking bloated. Linzess cause this??? Sor...
Linzess didn't provide any relief whatsoever. I contacted...
...Debbie Downer:  I started Linzess 10 days ago ...the side effects I had were incredible bloating and distention of ...no evail since the Linzess didn't provide any relief whatsoever.  I conta...
feeling, and I constantly get this kinky and bloated feeli...
...taking Linzess 290 mcg which has definitely helped me with my constipation.  But, it seems as though once a month I get a major flare up where my digestion seems to come to a complete slow down.  I...