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Linzess for Constipation
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Does Linzess cause Bloating ?

#1 in Linzess discussions - 335 posts discuss Bloating with Linzess. Bloating is #1 concern in Linzess discussions.
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I've had problems with IBS for about a year now. Lines worked for about a week. Then it just stopped and I became constipated and constantly hungry. I was bloated and gained weight from the pills. Worst experience with these pills.

Bloating while on Linzess
I started taking Linzess about a month ago. I feel like I am about 3 months pregnant due to the bloating / abdominal distension that I experience. It really helps my IBS-C and Idiopathic Constipation, but I am wondering if this will go away after taking it for awhile.
July 10, 2014
I have been on it since December, and the bloating has been non-stop. I have even seen an increase in my weight. I haven't added/changed anything to my typical diet. After reading many online posts, I am beginning to think that Linzess is the cause.

Linzess for IBS-Constipation
Linzess- constipation IBS
I suffered from chronic constipation for a year, and stretched my colon out from all the poop that was stuck in there. This irritated my bowel and caused Irritable bowl syndrome, and now have many food allergies/intolerances. My doctor told me to take a couple scoops of miralax every night to go to the bathroom the next morning. This made my BM running and I did go, but that wasn't my problem in the first place, I could go I just couldn't empty out. So My doctor put me on Lynzess and it worked great. I drank a lot of water wit the pill and it gave me really bad diarrhea, and really flushed everything out. I was fine with this because I could not stand the thought of being full of poop. I was really nausea for about 2 hours after I took the pill and flushed out but it went away after 4 hours. After 4 months I started to bloat really bad after taking the pill and flushing out, my doctor told me not to drink so much water with it so it wont flush me out but give me a real BM. SO hopefully that will work. I haven't tried it yet so...
December 21, 2014
I have exactly what Roy described. So far have a completed a 4 day trial and it worked very well

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from extreme bloat and pain. I have noticed that the bloat...
" I have been taking Linzess( 290 mcg) for a little over two weeks now. Prior to Linzess, I was suffering from extreme bloat and pain. I have noticed that the... "

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with linzess. I had that pain and bloating. My suggestion...
" when i first started with linzess. I had that pain and bloating. My suggestion to you is ...morning. That way you can sleep through all the bloating and pain. That's what i do and it works... "

this past weekend. Did nothing but make me bloated and...
" for your replies. I tried both, linzess this past weekend. Did nothing but make me bloated and crampy. I ended up... "

omorrow morning after breakfast. I am feeling very bloaty...
" ...I have been taking linzess at night before bed. great stools but very runny and causing burning in that area. Will start taking tomorrow... "
January 24, 2015
I was instructed to take it in the morning about 30 minutes prior to eating and it has worked fine. I'm just looking for something effective but less expensive until I meet this new year's deductible!

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be more than constipation. Some days I have so much bloating...
" ...chronic constipation. Some days Linzess works OK,but most days not so much.My Dr. gave me samples so that I can take extra if necessary. Check with your might be more than constipation. Some... "

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listed as a side effect in the Linzess...
" ...there was a bit more bloating/flatulence/abdominal pain listed as a side effect in the Linzess treatment group than in the ...a bit higher in the linzess group than in the... "

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for a week now, and I too, have gained 5 lbs. I feel bloated...
" I have started Linzess for a week now, and I too, have gained 5 lbs. I feel bloated and... "

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