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Light-headedness is a common and often unpleasant sensation of dizziness and/or feeling that one may be about to fainting , which may ...
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292,986 conversations around the web about Lightheaded to help you make a decision
292,986 conversations around the web about Lightheaded to help you make a decision
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Lightheaded & Sinus Congestion

0.74% of the posts that mention Sinus Congestion also mention Lightheaded (68 posts)
Sinus Congestion
We found 68 discussions
" ...have a question about sinus allergies. Does anyone else experience a lightheaded feeling with sinus congestion. I can't take decongestants scary to feel lightheaded and off balance all... "

" also sometimes get light-headed/dizzy? Have been on Nexium ...spring started, I've had sinus congestion, ear pressure/popping and nagging ...make me a little light headed/dizzy. I have ne... "

" ...a sinus congestion headache but since its making me feel light-headed and I... "

" is a little bit of both. I have chronic sinus congestion and I have the opposite problem. When my nose me a sensation of feeling lightheaded. When really, I am just... "

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" And a cold puts me in bed for a lot longer than two days. It takes me forever to get over the lightheadedness that sinus congestion brings... "

" ever experienced a slight burning sensation in their ...chest when experiencing other allergy related symptoms? I had been experiencing the lightheadedness and sinus congestion that many of... "

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" Lightheadedness/Dizziness Chronic sinus congestion Does anyone else on here have constant light headedness(a kind of off balance feeling, ...congestion can cause the light headed/living in ... "

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" my case.. The illness lasted for about 3 weeks and i had very sever nasal/sinus congestion, lightheadedness and some fever.. i also took one pack (4 days worth?) of antibiotics... "

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" ...your sinuses. I had lightheadedness every afternoon for about ...then someone here mentioned sinus congestion in connection with dizziness ...that day and used my saline nasal spray and HOOR... "

" ...sinus congestion, ...for the lightheadedness. No antibiotics as she doesn't feel it is an infection. She said the biaxin I took probably took care of the infection. Does this sound right? Can... "

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