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Light-headedness is a common and often unpleasant sensation of dizziness and/or feeling that one may be about to fainting , which may ...
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293,053 conversations around the web about Lightheaded to help you make a decision
293,053 conversations around the web about Lightheaded to help you make a decision
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Lightheaded & Numbness In Fingers

1.09% of the posts that mention Numbness In Fingers also mention Lightheaded (30 posts)
Numbness In Fingers
We found 30 discussions
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" ...with my heart racing, feeling dizzy-light headed and having the numbness in fingers/arms and legs. I got to ...I was actually increasing my anxiety/panic attacks by what I... "

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" ...and has the numbness in the fingers arms and then a headache light headedness and incoherance. so we went to the er and they said it was a migraine ,wich... "

" ...not take pristiq, had light headedness followed by headache, swelling, tingling and numbness in fingers. What could the cause, I started feeling light headed. Small headache starting a... "

" ...bed, just exhausted. Also got numbness in fingers and toes - not a ...minute and the next feeling hot, flushed, light headed.... no warning, just BAM!! Is... "

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" ...lot of dizziness and lightheadedness which wasnt so horrible. I have also lost hearing, numbness in fingers, toes and feet. The ...can switch to 600mg ibuprofen! Thats not gonna work if I ha... "

" ...and lower jaw, neck and upper abdomen. Also some light headedness and numbness in fingers of right hand. I get out of breath easily and sharp pain in my jaw after... "

"'s not a hypo feeling, it's like going through the steps of hypoglycemia (light headedness, numbness in fingers and lips, nausea... etc) within 5 second instead of like an hour or... "

" ...I felt like I came down with a cold over the past few days, didn't mention the finger numbness. She then said ...panicked now. She said she had to go because she felt light headed and wanted... "

" ...weeks ago, felt awful on it, this weekend resulting in heart palpitations, feeling dizzy, light headed, numbness in fingers. Been feeling really down and keep bursting into tears for no reason! Wen... "

" I have numbness & smell chemicals for ...I have strange episodes: - numbness in fingers hands and arms, sometimes legs. a day. - slight light headedness. It has been happening for... "

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