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Light Sensitivity

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(Light sensitivity to eye)
Photophobia is a symptom of abnormal intolerance to visual perception of light. As a medical symptom photophobia is not a morbid fear ...
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39,297 conversations around the web about Light Sensitivity to help you make a decision
39,297 conversations around the web about Light Sensitivity to help you make a decision
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Light Sensitivity & Shingles

0.21% of the posts that mention Light Sensitivity also mention Shingles (82 posts)
Light Sensitivity
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We found 82 discussions
" ...TN. The Lyrica helps a lot but I still have pain/light sensitivity in my one week! I have been reading that L-Lysine is important to get rid of the herpes zoster virus, but I... "

" ...nosquint to all black. i can't read MOF during early morning or ...side of the screen. i had shingles on my head and face once. Ever since i am extremely light sensitive. I cannot go out... "

" my MIL has shingles in her eyes now. been ...for a few months. it is very bad. she is super sensitive to light, can't read much anymore (eyes get v tired). she might need a cornea trasnplant (if I... "

" ...not drive for 3 months due to light sensitivity. Four times a day for 2 weeks I felt 'someone poured gasoline on my head and set fire' melting skin sensation. It was horrible. Now, 4 years... "

" ...with Shingles over 7 ...affected and I am finding the light sensitivity that was intense and horrid when Shingles were at their prime (first few weeks) is now still light sensitive but in a... "

" Two years ago I had shingles in my eye. I had ...months to improve but I am still very sensitive to light. It is a lovely sunny ...not help much. I have severe scarring on my cornea so... "

" ...week half my lip felt numb and part is much less sensitive to light touch. I have problems with part of my neck from shingles. When I pinch the ...but I have to pinch harder to feel pai... "

" ...light sensitive I needed 2 pairs of sunglasses. I still have PHN but it is getting better. The recovery is so slow I barely notice. I wish I had kept a journal to remind myself how awful I... "

" ...Shingles & the rash was on my forehead, scalp & right eye. The rash is cleared along with most of the pain is gone. However, my eye still has a little pupil dilation & I still have to wear sunglas... "

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" I got chicken pox at age 22, ugh. ...naturalist on a whale watch boat, and I got so sensitive to light that I couldn't even go outside for a long ...then. Younger daughter also had the shingl... "

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