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Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, "to kill oneself") is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death. ...
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1,215,298 conversations around the web about Suicide to help you make a decision
1,215,298 conversations around the web about Suicide to help you make a decision
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Lidocaine & Suicide

We found 46 discussions
" ...feel you 100% I contemplated suicide multiple times. I found God ...Do you have atypical TN? LIdocaine shots have helped with my pain the most, but none... "

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" ...for three days..then I went back to vectical and clobetosal and occlusion ...better thanks to the lidocaine patches..if I didn't have the ER or killing myself..this pain has been UNRELE... "

" ...3 years ago, now I am suffering from post shingles neuralgia, pain so intense I have considered suicide. Only options for pain are opiates which I could prescribe lidocaine, to be appl... "

" ...and 3years of the blocks, lidocaine infusion, ketamine infusion, drugs ...ago she constantly talked suicide, but couldn't ...wheelchair wearing diapers, totally addicted to oxycontin. she sti... "

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" ...october 31st) i have been experiencing the most severe pain in my lower ...CRIKEY for somebody contemplating suicide this isn't much info ...cola. consider getting a lidocaine patch and email... "

" ...for nerve blocks with novocaine, which made my back ...gave me a prescription for Lidoderm Patches, but insurance said no. ...October b/c I'm doing the Suicide Prevention walk, in memory of... "

" orally, and have Lidocaine Infusions. I don't know ...issues I also have Depressive Personality Disorder, leading to severe ...TN and chronic Cluster (suicide) Headaches. Therapy is not... "

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" ...him ever since then his pain has been ten fold ...themselves i recently lost my grandpa to suicide so i hope my dad ...then burning up with satan lidoderm patches do x*#& sry i... "

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" ...was a complete waste. I am suffering pain after evacuation every single ...a small dose of lidocaine, which is a painkiller, ...empty my bladder. I contemplate suicide regularly, but just don... "

" ...saying the \"s\" word (suicide). The problem only ...condition, I found that his case is atypical for trigeminal neuralgia but fits in ...neurologist about indomethacin, intranasal lidocaine,... "

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