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Lichen Planus

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Lichen planus is a chronic mucocutaneous disease that affects the skin, tongue, and oral mucosa. The disease presents itself in the fo...
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Common Lichen Planus treatments discussed around the web
Triamcinolone Acetonide 14 Kenalog 12 Acitretin 9
4,402 conversations around the web about Lichen Planus to help you make a decision
4,402 conversations around the web about Lichen Planus to help you make a decision
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Lichen Planus & Coconut Oil

We found 15 discussions
" ...planus. i have tried eco harvest tea tree oil, spraying peroxide on it, coconut oil. Am going to dermatologist in 2 weeks. Has anyone taken triamcinolone... "

" Hi, I've had lichen planus 6 years ago, I was told the marks will vanish ...doesn't help.. BUT of recent I decided to try coconut oil so let's see how that goes, can a 6yr... "

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" lichen planus I found that continuous moisturizing - with nearly anything controlled the itching. I used coconut oil in the begining to be sure that other mineral based oils dont cause... "

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" ...member with lichen planus, ...will ward off starvation, I worry because it is really so unhealthy (it's basically sugar water with a low-quality vitamin pill added, and some isolated soy and mil... "

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" ...all about your Chapman Farm's coconut oil. Since I cannot find it, \"pure\", meaning that is coconut oil, with out any ...that you try Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil. Build up ... "

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" ...a couple of years ago (lichen planus) which is in the autoimmune ...cancer, --- it's all physiology. Use Miralax and Amitiza (what a ...options. I have yet to try coconut oil...might as wel... "

" ...few months, even her eczema (which had been ...nothing else does is coconut oil! (Didn't seem to help the lichen planus though). Here's some pictures of the rash from my post on these boards.... "

" If the lichen planus is a fungal infection of ...on three occasions using pure coconut oil to clear up fungal infections ...the infection clears up. Apparently coconut oil has strong anti-funga... "

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" ...mention that if you get coconut oil, get the extra virgin kind. Should be at most health food stores. Lichen planus / autoimmune disorders have come up before in my... "

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" ...aggravated by the development of lichen planus or simplex if you have the anal region. At bedtime, use olive or coconut oil liberally, with the same precautions as for the ointment.... "

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