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(Lice infestation)
Pediculosis is an infestation of lice &mdash blood-feeding parasite insects of the order Phthiraptera. The condition can occur in alm...
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Common Lice treatments discussed around the web
Lice Shampoo 853 Lice Treatment 649 Permethrin 335
72,115 conversations around the web about Lice to help you make a decision
72,115 conversations around the web about Lice to help you make a decision
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Lice & Apple Cider Vinegar

We found 137 discussions
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" ...too. My DD had lice as of this weekend. Yesterday we bought a non toxic lice treatment with ...combed, rinsed with apple cider vinegar (detaches the glue) and as of now she is lice free. They ... "

" ...cradle cap I rubbed diluted apple cider vinegar(half vinegar half water) into her ...very fine toothed comb (think lice comb) to pull out the ...or three times and her cradle cap was gone. I... "

" Apple Cider Vinegar the acidy nature of it dissolves the glue that ...out and wash her hair with normal shampoo. also when she gets rid of the lice completely every so often put vinegar in her hair... "

" cider vinegar and two spray bottles, probably $10 and almost $40 on another bottle of shampoo and three large bottles of Listerine, which I am having everyone else rise their hair. I guess it... "

" ...wash with that! I had lice when I had dreads once, ...our heads in this mix: 1/2 rubbing alcohol 1/2 apple cider vinegar a few pinches of cayenne Then we kept in... "

" My son had lice and gave it to me a few years back...NASTY!! ...pesticides, so after researching on the web I used apple cider vinegar and a special lice comb I bought at Target. It werked, my son... "

" Washing your hair and using a apple cider vinegar as a rinse, just dont wash the vinegar out. ...My cousins were always getting lice, they used a combo of ...So when they did get lice it was eas... "

" the farm, recently had lice. She's been treated for it, face. So I was wondering if maybe the apple cider vinegar or baking soda or maybe both prevented me from... "

" ...number of hours. This creates like a little fumigation tent...the lice die from the fumes. Rinse out vinegar and dead lice and repeat in a ...the freshly hatched lice before they breed).... "

" ...I heard about the lyyyyse did i know about the lyyyyse (her dd got them first) I thought she ment lies any way. We used apple cider vinegar it was harsh and we picked them out on the roof of... "

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