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Levonorgestrel (or Chirality (chemistry) number By optical activity: - and --norgestrel or '''Chirality (chemistry) number B...
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Does Levonorgestrel cause Mood Swings ?

Mood Swings is a known side effect of Levonorgestrel
#6 in Levonorgestrel discussions - 61 posts discuss Mood Swings with Levonorgestrel. Mood Swings is #6 concern in Levonorgestrel discussions.
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e only side effects I experienced were: mood swings (sad,...
" ...beginning, middle or end? Are you on any form of hormonal birth control? You said in your original post that you have strong mood swings and depression during your ...MAP once (single hormone:... "

take anything related to levonorgestrel, the progestin...
" ...progestins. Personally, I can't take anything related to levonorgestrel, the progestin in Alesse, Triphasil, ...or Evra. I did have hideous mood swings and a world of other... "

Mirena uses levonorgestrel as its progesterone....
" ...brain chemical composition. Mirena uses levonorgestrel as its progesterone. There are oral contraceptives that use levonorgestrel (I could only find the ...I can't cope with my normal mood swings and... "

n birth control before. And I am searching for a pill...
" ...seasonale have the same ingredient Levonorgestrel. These two I have not tried yet. If you have read my previous posts I get bad depression and mood swings on birth control before. And I am searching... "

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r levonorgestrel output from Mirena= ovulation occurs= high...
" ...4th year of the Mirena coil. In the last year, I've developed what seem to be hormonal imbalance effects- rapid weight gain, hot flushes, increasing allergies, nasal congestion, itchiness, increase... "

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y is gone but the mood change in me isjust unreal. My temp...
" levonorgestrel / norethindrone Hi! I am intrested in finding out ...and my anxiety is gone but the mood change in me is just ...is 20mg pill without levonorgestrel?? Please get back to... "

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but she is getting sever mood swings and depression and I wi...
" ...30 And Extreme Depression And Mood Swings -150/30 Hi. My wife (23yrs ...takes microgynon 30 which is basically levonorgestrel (progesterone) - 150 ug ...- 30 ug but she is getting sever mood... "

it. I am having terrible mood swings and am very irritable....
" ...and more of it. I am having terrible mood swings and am very irritable. Also ...not use a BCP with levonorgestrel, because it increases the testosterone ...guess what? Alesse has .1% levonorgestrel. So... "

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April 19. I took 4 Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol...
" ...vagina) last April 19. I took 4 Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol pills less ...weeks,  and I still don't have my period yet. I am extremely ...excessive sleepiness,  slightly bigger breasts, breast... "

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w (after having mood problems andbreast pain on ortho-cept...
" ...component, and 100 mcg of levonorgestrel. You should check the information ...taking Alesse now (after having mood problems and breast pain on ortho-cept ...it's not as bad. No mood swings though. I wish... "

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