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Levemir is taken for: Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes


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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
Insulin detemir is a long-acting human insulin analogue for maintaining the basal level of insulin. Novo Nordisk markets it under the ...
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Levemir for Diabetes
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We analyzed what people said about Levemir and compared it to other Diabetes medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Levemir cause Weight Gain ?

Weight Gain is a known side effect of Levemir
#2 in Levemir discussions - 754 posts discuss Weight Gain with Levemir. Weight Gain is #2 concern in Levemir discussions.
We found 754 discussions
" ...gained weight taking insulin. I've tried NPH and Levemir On NPH I gained a lot of weight, and on Levemir I swelled up like a balloon (edema). It's been pretty well documented that out ... "

" I am on Novolog and Levemir. Both cause weight gain. Not sure if one is... "

" ...vs Levemir opinion I have a ...have been researching Lantus vs Levemir to see which I think is better. The information I can find is that Levemir causes less weight gain. But I don't know... "

" ...insulin? Last time I was on Levemir I gained 15 pounds in one month, so I ...weight) and don't treat my diabetes, which I know is ...but I don't want to gain MORE weight! Any thoughts or su... "

" ...September so hopefully moving to Levemir and going on DAFNE will help a lot. They also think I will gain some weight after moving to Levemir and doing DAFNE, but I think i will only... "

" ...need to be on, but I had a liver transplant and my new liver is inflamed now too (HepC - the new liver was already infected when they gave it to me). Thank you for the calculator link. I am suppo... "

" ...22 hours. Oh and lantus made her gain weight, the weight started falling off after her levemir start!... "

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" ...Hi, I am on Novorapid & Levemir, I have lost almost all of the weight that I needed to over the last 2 years and yet I still have to inject 210 units a day, this seems... "

" ...insulins cause you to lose weight or put in on. I found this out when ...I didn't react to. I put on 2 kg with Protophane, lost 2kg with Levemir and stayed the same weight... "

Post from
" ...a trial run during the most chaotic month of my summer. i was splitting my dose almost 20 and 20 but i had poor control and noticed a 7lb weight gain. i ...i think i would like to try levemir... "

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