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Leukemia (American English) or leukaemia (British English) is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an ...
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Common Leukemia treatments discussed around the web
Gleevec 743 Hydrea 94 Sprycel 76
112,294 conversations around the web about Leukemia to help you make a decision
112,294 conversations around the web about Leukemia to help you make a decision
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Leukemia & Pulmonary Embolism

0.26% of the posts that mention Pulmonary Embolism also mention Leukemia (54 posts)
Pulmonary Embolism
We found 54 discussions
" I've oly recently been diagnosed with chronic pyeloid leukemia. I had the odd ache was only after a pulmonary embolism that I had a bone ...and then got a diagnosis of cml. I think... "

" done once a month, but that is nothing new anyway. (He had a massive pulmonary embolism nearly 4 years ago.) It seems the leukemia is about gone and he should be back to \"normal\"... "

" contact the LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma). Some hospitals ...for this. Also, Revlimid can cause blood clots which CRD trial, I take Fragmin since I had a pulmonary embolism in April. O... "

" ...I feel! I cannot accept the pain is imaginary, ...were heart and leukemia related. Now that's been eliminated I have a pulmonary embolism or an aneurysm! ...muscular as my body is tender to t... "

" his 60's who'd had polio and lost all muscle ...and a woman who'd had leukemia. I take so much inspiration ...had a woman who had pulmonary emboli last year and was not... "

" ...Your problem is a Pulmonary infarction caused by a pulmonary embolism? or You have an Acute myelogenous leukemia? Would anyone have understood? Of course not. God's ways... "

" ...matched and a starting meds when I had a pulmonary embolism Jan 2012, retired How old were you when you ...but one is because my sister had leukemia and was told she would... "

" ...weeks prior to my exams my grandmother went into hospital with a pulmonary embolism, kidney failure and cancer and my step-father (rather abruptly and very, very unexpectedly) was diagnosed with... "

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" ...and have had to tell their parents they have.... leukemia, liver failure, renal failure, diabetes (all actual cases) One his sleep of a pulmonary embolism.. The disorder could have been... "

" ...As a coach for the Leukemia Society's Team in Training program, I have ...setbacks over the years (off 6 months because of pulmonary emboli in 2006, current recovering broken shoulder off 2 more... "

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