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Leukemia (American English) or leukaemia (British English) is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an ...
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Common Leukemia treatments discussed around the web
Gleevec 744 Hydrea 94 Sprycel 76
112,366 conversations around the web about Leukemia to help you make a decision
112,366 conversations around the web about Leukemia to help you make a decision
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Leukemia & Menstrual Period

0.47% of the posts that mention Leukemia also mention Menstrual Period (532 posts)
Menstrual Period
We found 532 discussions
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" ...leukaemia when 2, treament was sucessful, and has been clear for 5 years now...So far the only thing I can find is mention of pre-existing conditions which have wait times on them, which I think re... "

" ...think I had leukemia for a couple ...along fine. I had some very interesting bad cramps with my last period, but not an amazing ...overall- and I had a few weeks of mild spotting. My partner ... "

" ...freaked out thinking i had leukemia and was looking for bruises do with it! I was getting a nosebleed a day before my period and 5 days after the last day of my period. My periods last ... "

" having bruises before my menstruation and i didn't worry much ...2 or maybe 3-weeks delayed menstruation. is this normal? i really ...get worried especially when a leukemia patient was fe... "

" ...anyone till friday so if i will get my period before that i will have to wait another month... 34. For us is MF as he had leukemia 13 years ego. We were sure there will be none... "

" ...question....... I was diagnosed with Leukemia 4 years ago ...through. I haven't has my period since Sept 2004. I am terrified of all this stuff, worse than with the Leukemia. Can anyone help e... "

" ...test. my cousin knows, and i dont live with my parents because my father died from leukemia, rest his soul, and mum got ill because of it, so im living with my aunt and have been for 6 months. plea... "

" ...year old daughter because she was complaining of being tired and cold all the ...he urine sample but she was on her period so he ordered another urine ...told him could this be Leukemia . He ... "

" I was perimenopausal when diagnosed with leukemia. Not a good combo. I was insane, couldn't stand progesterone to start another period because I didn't want to... "

" ...that I do take will not hurt me in some way. Which is why I am scared about this. So what is going to happen now is I am going to take Provera and hope my period starts if not we will do some... "

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