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Leg Weakness

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(Lower extremities weakness of)
9,364 conversations around the web about Leg Weakness to help you make a decision
9,364 conversations around the web about Leg Weakness to help you make a decision
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Leg Weakness & Menstrual Period

0.84% of the posts that mention Leg Weakness also mention Menstrual Period (79 posts)
Leg Weakness
Menstrual Period
We found 79 discussions
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" ...non-existent, muscle and joint pain is gone, Leg weakness comes around every so ...any day for my 5th period since removal. There is hope. Its hard to believe that mirena can cause such weird ... "

" ...fibroids and I have had chronic bleeding every month very heavy. I have had my period since June 10th. I ...severely anemic, low ferritin, have horrible weakness in my legs and body, ... "

Post from
" would be (so far), however, I still have the weakness in my legs, the fatique at times and I can surely related ...a week prior to my menstrual cycle. Anyway, just wanted to say... "

" ...agree with you, I get crippling leg weakness when my period finishes, which the doctors suspects ...way I’ve never had this leg weakness before which was why I ...of days I had off sick! To... "

" ...I have been on Testim for approx. 2.5 months. exercise. I also have a period of time during the day ...feel decent but stll have leg weakness. My PCP doesn't know wht... "

" ...was sciatic pain free-I had surgical pain,but by 7 weeks,I was the point of having left leg weakness,the beginning of foot drop,stabbing pains ...makes sense as I had a period of time t... "

" ...leg weakness and pain okay not ...pregnant and I started having period type pain and leg and ...a warm bath and took some tylenol but its... "

Post from
" ...days before my period starts I have an exacerbation of symptoms. I ...more fatigue, brain fog, aching, weakness in my legs, and anxiety. I have a lot of inflammation in my ribs/sternum regul... "

" Headaches, nausea, missed periods, cramps, leg weakness after getting periods. Causes? Hi, ...4 months. I just got my period the other day and I ...Every since I had my period my legs have been ... "

Post from
" ...have tingling, tickling in my legs, arms, weakness in my legs, I feel sometimes like ...bad my BP rises. Had some period few weeks ago I ...feet and hands. I have also weird dreams and legs k... "

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