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Leg Pain

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(Pain in lower limb)
Common Leg Pain treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 2,223 Neurontin 2,115 Tylenol 1,939
181,925 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
181,925 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
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Leg Pain & White Blood Cell Count

We found 139 discussions
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" ...Yes, I have experienced pain in my legs and lower back, it is like electrical shocks. It is painful. What I found that works for me is Tylonol Arthritis Pain. ...making new white cells. Hope... "

" ...covers it. I believe it is usually recommended to give it 24 hours after your chemo treatment. Some women get bad bone/leg pain, but ask the bring your white blood count back up. I... "

" My mom has sclc and had severe leg pain. When her white blood count dropped really low they gave her a shot to ...types of chemo drugs have numbness or tingling as a... "

" ...have the same syptoms and have seen several doctors of different expertiese. my legs hurt constantly and my white blood count has been very high over the last several months, and no doctor seems... "

" i have a high white blood count and my legs hurt so bad i makes me... "

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" ...heart involvement including rapid heart beat, I am going to pursue the antiviral treatment. I also have sore legs most of the time which ...have a very low WBC count which continues to decli... "

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" ...oxycontin), my doc requires them. He knows what I do....I've never lied to him about it (he's a friend of my wifes so he's pretty understanding). But he knows that I'm gonna make my own decisions... "

" ...keep my white blood cell count up. Chemo destroys them. This Neulasta caused incredible leg pain. Just wondering if your mom is getting this shot? If she is, have her take Benedryl and 2 tyleno... "

" mother has been complaining of leg pains for quite some ...and she has pins and needles sensations in her legs. She also has anemia(low white blood cell count). and gets head... "

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" When I was dx with CFS and my t-cell and white blood count was off the wall due to all the viruses ...better was still anemic. So I still fall have pain in legs and feet. Lets not for get the back... "

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