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Leg Pain

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(Pain in lower limb)
Common Leg Pain treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 2,239 Neurontin 2,126 Tylenol 1,956
182,904 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
182,904 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
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Leg Pain & Viral Infection

0.15% of the posts that mention Viral Infection also mention Leg Pain (85 posts)
Viral Infection
Leg Pain
We found 85 discussions
Post from
" ...too..ya know i joined a gym but i have this unbelievable viral infection in my body that is dragging on and on that you can join? do u walk? my legs hurt too so i know the pain..hope to h... "

" ...several weeks ago I had a viral infection. It started with leg pain and throat itching, redness too. wrong here. So, I have taken Empirin and it helped a bit. The symptoms... "

Post from
" ...was 16 I had a viral infection which resulted in alot in the morning. My back and neck ache and are stuff. This ...lift a glass. I get shooting pains in my legs and unbelievable headach... "

Post from
" ...the doc this afternoon and she has viral infection but he didn't know what was up with the sore legs..poor wee thing is just pure washed out looking..she has temp now so gave her some calpol an... "

" ...from acid reflux. Severe vomiting. Viral infection? My 10 year old woke ...bone and she does have reflux , after giving her ...a fever and says her legs hurt. Is this normal for a... "

" ...child, viral infection, high fever, running nose, cough, leg pain. Normal symptoms? Hello Doctor, my 6 year old son has a viral infection for last 5 days ...this normal symptom of viral infectio... "

" ...month old granddaughter has had a viral infection (according to 2 drs) with ...25 yr old daughter) has blisters in her throat, mild fever and severe arm and leg pain with weakness in her limbs... "

" ...Your daughter is suffering from viral infection involving gastrointestinal tact with ...and nor in leg pains. You should use ...and muscle relaxants for leg pains. These viral infections g... "

" ...Recently I had a problem with my glands (viral infection) which on examination ...enlarged, had several nodules and ...thyroid, I had weight gain, head aches, chronic pain in my leg and fatig... "

Post from
" ...year old won't walk after viral infection My almost 5 year old ...Nov with a pretty bad viral infection. He's now a bit better ...he won't walk anywhere, complains about sore legs and says he... "

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