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Leg Pain

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(Pain in lower limb)
Common Leg Pain treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 2,239 Neurontin 2,126 Tylenol 1,956
182,898 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
182,898 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
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Leg Pain & Synovial Cyst

5.34% of the posts that mention Synovial Cyst also mention Leg Pain (42 posts)
Synovial Cyst
Leg Pain
We found 42 discussions
" disc prolapse, and have a synovial cyst of the left facet joint, ...have this pain down my leg, pain in my foot, plus i ...pain in lower carve. im so tired of being in pain, i want my life... "

" ...have been diagnosed with a synovial cyst at L4/5. This has caused extreme pain down my right leg. It started radiating from ...and even experience spasms while resting. ...stories online. Wha... "

Post from
" ...week ago to remove a synovial cyst from L5 S1. I had leg pain in my hip and then . I also had foot drop (minor) prior to surgery . The pain in now mostly gone and I'm hoping the... "

" ...and then it started hurting again. I went into pain ...have fused it. I had a synovial cyst that caused leg pain, the laminectomy fixed that. Because I had a synovial cyst, I was more likely ... "

" I have a synovial cyst at L3-L4 to the right I have a synovial cyst at L3-L4 to the right ...ago with severe right leg pain, after much testing the ...for a blockage. Until I come off the Plavix... "

" Had a synovial cyst L4/L5/S1 area, inside my thecal sac pressing on the BUT I work in recover with that horrible pain in my leg. In fact, 11 days after surgery I rode in... "

" ...on 4/11 because I felt my synovial cyst at L4-5 had returned. I was right - ...had mine removed on December 12 and started feeling back and leg pain again around February 7, so it grew back fai... "

" Hi, I was diagnosed with a Synovial cyst at L4/L5 about 3 months ago after suffering from intense hip and leg pain for several months. I have... "

" ...afterward really had some issues with nerve entrapment and pain in my left leg. It has been worse lately due to long hours ...on the weekend. I have a very large synovial cyst on the left o... "

" ...let's say I did have Hep C (I don't know for ...fact that i still have the same exact pain shooting down my leg and hat after coming of ...there is a 9 mm synovial cyst from the right L4-L5 w... "

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