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Leg Pain

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(Pain in lower limb)
Common Leg Pain treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 2,229 Neurontin 2,117 Tylenol 1,945
182,183 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
182,183 conversations around the web about Leg Pain to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Leg Pain

Leg Pain & Sore Throat

0.38% of the posts that mention Leg Pain also mention Sore Throat (693 posts)
Leg Pain
Sore Throat
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Sore Throat
We found 695 discussions
" ...leg pain after the treatment for thyroid My Age is 37, Weight is ...m suffering from Sore Throat and Swelling in Leg (Lower) , , That time MY TSH is 9 and Vitamin B12 is less than normal Limit, ... "

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" ...down hill again, temperature shot up again over 38degrees, nurofen isn't bringing it down, she is shaking, said her throat hurt and her legs ached, was just sobbing and asked for her inhaler. She... "

" ...and Tylenol to keep down for days and the doc just kept sending us home. Well, finally about the 4th fever in my dd started complaining that her legs hurt (wierd, I know) and then that her throat... "

" ...those of you that take Kadian, or the meds similar to it, do you still have pain in your legs (or I guess radiating pain ...this. Also, I have an awful sore throat, that has just started... "

" ...leg pain is real & how much is Rachel wanting to be babyied. We have a party to go to at Chuck E Cheese on Sat & I've told her she's not going unless she walks. Hopefully it will also entice her ... "

" ...My legs hurt, my throat hurt and I have a bad headache. I legs don't ...still hurts. What do I d... "

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" ...hurt all over, my head hurts, my stomach hurts, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my throat hurts. I have absolutely no... "

" ...I feel yucky. My head hurts, i have a little fever and my throat hurts. And my legs hurt for some odd reason. Is... "

" ...after 1st Docataxel I feel very achy and tired and have a sore throat. Have spent the day resting, paracetamol help the sore throat but not pains in legs. Having said all this ... "

" I have a sore throat and My legs hurt. I want to rip and run like I used to.... Before those damn MS drugs!!! And wtf... "

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