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Leg Cramps

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(Cramps of lower extremities)
Common Leg Cramps treatments discussed around the web
Baclofen 545
95,529 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
95,529 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
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Leg Cramps & Stomach Flu

0.07% of the posts that mention Leg Cramps also mention Stomach Flu (63 posts)
Leg Cramps
Stomach Flu
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Stomach Flu
We found 63 discussions
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" ...last pregnancy and this time I've had a few--mostly while dealing with a stomach bug. I wonder whether my BRAT diet contributed to the cramps. I usually consume a lot o... "

" get the stomach flu Friday night...just ...there. I had some leg cramps & bad headaches yesterday. My dr told me to get some Slo-Mag to take, that the dehydration lowered my magnesium & pot... "

" ...I did get a stomach bug last week and ...just started getting leg cramps and back ache. Which are annoying me, woke up with leg cramp this morning shouted ...relieved when I said it was cramp... "

" ...and all. Latent virus that finally had the chance to be purged now that we were getting rid of the foods that were keeping us from healing? Dunno! DaddyGrok had had leg cramps every so... "

" after i had the stomach flu. If I had feet. I've had foot and leg cramps too, the kind ...swelling with ds too. At what point should I worry though, seems early this time around. I ... "

" woefully behind. I had some sort of stomach bug I got Thursday evening, so ...last night I kept getting leg cramps all night long, they were ...may get an occassional leg cramp, but this... "

" ...directly at ur feet.. I remembered reading from somewhere tat we shld keep our feet warm to prevent leg cramps.. LV, Thou i gave her food poisoning or gastric flu?? Do take good ca... "

Post from
" ...hope that you dont have the stomach flu. Being pregnant is trouble enough! I also am finding it hard to sleep and have ...I also have developed a leg cramp in my... "

" ...or engage him ? get tired v easily. getting leg cramp & lower abdominal cramp. Been feeling so bloated recently.. jus like getting gastric flu. burp alot -_- is all... "

" ...check blood pressure etc. Had protein and keytones in urine fact i have had stomach bug and couldnt. They keeping eye ...Sorry to hear some suffering leg cramps etc and lack of sleep.... "

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