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Leg Cramps

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Ask a question
(Cramps of lower extremities)
Common Leg Cramps treatments discussed around the web
Baclofen 559
96,193 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
96,193 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
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Leg Cramps & Ginger

We found 155 discussions
" leg cramps Thank you about the water ...water. I would sometimes get terrible leg cramps in the morning. There is ...contains organic apple cider vinegar, ginger and garlic juice, and it... "

" ...I did sprinkle powdered ginger on buttered toast with ...every night, so I took Tums every night for that, and it (the calcium) made my nighttime leg cramps... "

" ...and magnesium because I was getting really bad leg spasms and my doctor was concerned about neuropathy. my blood sugar is still out of control since this is all new to me, but my leg spasms have... "

" Is anyone having leg cramps or arm cramps? We are ...the last two nights/days I have been getting charlie horses in my arm and ...thinking :) Thanks in Advance! Ginge... "

" Ginger, my due date twinsie!! I'm experiencing the same thing! ...and apparently this stuff is all normal, even the leg cramps on my end can be from a swelling uterus... "

" ...less than a hr I was vomitting, I was taking it ...took it when I did that and started drinking ginger ale the vomiting stoped and the hot flashes and leg cramps started but thats a whole anothe... "

" ...headaches and leg cramps are improving ...pepto bismol, drinking ginger ale, but it feels almost like a virus-like problem. Is this from coming off the oxycontin - another withdrawal symptom? ... "

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" ...Amish product called \"Stops Leg Cramps\" will give you ...Vinegar, Garlic Juice and Ginger Juice. Has anyone ever heard of this product ? I have used Apple Cider Vinegar for hiccups and i... "

" ...symptoms you have all been talking about but I am still experiences morning sickness. I drink about 1 litre of milk a ...why I am not getting leg cramps. As for the ginger for sickness. I hav... "

" Leg Cramps? I posted this in another ...thought I would ask everyone :) Is anyone having leg cramps or arm cramps? We are trying for number two ...thinking :) Thanks in Advance! Ginge... "

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