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Leg Cramps

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Ask a question
(Cramps of lower extremities)
Common Leg Cramps treatments discussed around the web
Baclofen 544
95,239 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
95,239 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
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Leg Cramps & Cranberry juice

We found 50 discussions
" FDA Bans Quinine For Leg Cramps Since quinine tablets are so ...each night to relieve my severe night leg cramps. I mix it with ...been drinking this my leg cramps have go... "

" I also get leg cramps. I have found drinking tonic ...tonic water, mix it with cranberry juice cocktail or some other juice... "

" of them quickly. Drinking cranberry juice fortified with potassium really helped my leg cramps... "

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" ...of it every day with cranberry juice ( half half)to help ward ...tract infections too!! Was getting terrible leg cramps at night, and mayb... "

" ...I've been drinking 100% cranberry juice ( Trader Joe's $3.99) ...a weird thing, my leg cramps have stopped. Not sure if ...really from the cranberry juice, I'm really... "

" ...juice for severe leg and foot cramps! Started cranberry juice for a mild UTI. ...same time, I no longer experienced the nightly leg cramps. Am sure is was ...drink a glass of cranberry ju... "

" works for her...I have very severe muscle cramps in my legs as the night goes on...I ...some Tonic Water with some cranberry juice. It helps most of the... "

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" i am one of the people who swears by bananas and gatorade/cranberry juice for the leg cramps / RLS my grandad has chronic RLS and swears by it too i feel for you SGMIKE, i know... "

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" I have been suffering from leg cramps for quite a while now and taking a mag/clacium ...on a pretty sporadic basis (usually mix it with cranberry juice) and it has been helping. Before I'd wake up... "

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" Leg Cramps during/after Grappling\ I was wondering ...or so weeks I get a cramp while rolling or wrestling. I heard that drinking cranberry juice helps, and Im thinking about... "

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