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Leg Cramps

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(Cramps of lower extremities)
Common Leg Cramps treatments discussed around the web
Baclofen 544 Magnesium 6,255 Calcium 6,038
95,048 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
95,048 conversations around the web about Leg Cramps to help you make a decision
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Leg Cramps & Coconut Oil

We found 90 discussions
" ...salt/potassium works for you. I haven't had leg cramps in years, but I used ...feel for ya! Yankee, coconut oil is pretty much MCT ...Since I won the weight loss challenge with 43# in a ... "

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" ...sounds intriguing since I suffer from bad insomnia. Hopefully Mag in amy ...will help with the nasty leg cramps I've been getting at night. ...the room at 5AM LOL. Coconut oil in smoothies so... "

" and potassium tablets. The cramps got better, but each and every time I started feeling weird after the first full week. Like there was a lot of pressure inside of me. Restless without know... "

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" ...good fats like butter, coconut oil, and cold applications of many dreams and leg cramps showed up) and lots of calcium rich foods (enough for digestion and got very little heartb... "

" ...improved a lot with Coconut oil vs. just Sugar water. up) and also with leg cramps. Now that I use Coconut oil (morning, 1-3tbs of sugar water ...note that switching to coconut oil took... "

" ...big time - I had gained 4 lbs from water retention, my ...can help you with your leg cramps so you don't have to ...: All this talk of coconut oil is interesting. I use it... "

" ...extra virgin coconut oil into my ...womans multi-vit and magnesium, but am getting ready to add potassium too (leg cramps). I feel better - I ...Also, I don't know anything about spastic col... "

" ...have the hang of it. Brush some butter or coconut oil (or your preferred oil) on your chicken with spices seems to keep my nightly leg cramps at bay) Keep the skin... "

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" ...these extra nasty symptoms until i started on the roxycodone. And since opiates ...So now that my leg cramps and the muscle spasms ...i used extra virgin coconut oil..whew. finally back home... "

" ...(for heart health and my dry eye syndrome) -Metamucil twice a day(for fiber) -Magnesium one at night (I get leg cramps from dieting and this helps ...oil or extra virgin coconut oil in my cook... "

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