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Laziness (also called indolence) is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is often used as ...
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3,211,275 conversations around the web about Lazy to help you make a decision
3,211,275 conversations around the web about Lazy to help you make a decision
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Lazy & Personality Disorder

0.49% of the posts that mention Personality Disorder also mention Lazy (381 posts)
Personality Disorder
We found 382 discussions
" explain her mother, so this is going to sound mean! But she is very lazy and has massive personality disorders. So my little second cousin, M, grew up pretty rough. Very shy and... "

" ...because its not because i am lazy it just that i feel no need for it and i feel drained and uncomfartable around people,i just like to be alone.Do i have schzoid personality disorder... "

" ...everyone its emmsypoo i got lazy n didit sign in but ...i dont get that!! There is nothing \"cool\" about having a personality disorder or anything and that is obviously attention seeking behavi... "

" ...been caring about others more than myself. Yet, I have been called selfish, lazy, & even materialistic. Perhaps in some ways I am, ...are online & in a way they work perfectly within my personal... "

" ...officer.) As far as the personality disorder is concerned, that is no diagnosis. I was diagnosed with a personality disorder by Dr. Hackett after, simply because he is lazy an... "

" ...A few days ago I discovered that I have avoident personality disorder. Today I discovered that the OCD I thought I ...that this isn't just me being lazy, or putting it down to... "

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" ...a way that implies having aspergers and having a personality disorder are one and the same ...a very confused way by lazy, inadequate... "

" ...can relate. I've often felt fatigued - lazy and with low amounts of the point that I have considered it being a personality disorder... "


" Please don't mistake my laziness as altruism - I can ...I don't know why anybody without some form of personality disorder puts up with me... "

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