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Laryngectomy + Disability

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Ask a question
29 conversations around the web about Laryngectomy + Disability to help you make a decision
29 conversations around the web about Laryngectomy + Disability to help you make a decision
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Laryngectomy & Disability

We found 29 discussions
" ...UNUM. We are put on disability immediately anytime we are out ...was when I had the laryngectomy. When I had radiation 4 ...willing to put me on disability from day one but I... "

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" ...Roger, I haven't had a laryngectomy, yet anyhow. I am thinking be removed also. I was very swollen in the lip and ...If you are on SS Disability, Medicare covers the cost of... "

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" ...St. Louis. I had my laryngectomy on January 16, 2014. I ...I do have long term disability, and am able to work ...job and still get the disability. Feel free to send a... "

" Laryngectomy and the DDA Hi - ...\"officially\" recognising a Laryngectomee as a disabled person covered by the Disability Discrimination... "

" ...and Disability Living Allowance Hello all. father is a laryngectomy. I am wondering if ...rate of care/mobility. Have any laryngectomy patients been successful in claiming... "

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" ...People who have had a laryngectomy can even learn to talk ...not be classes as a disabilit... "

" If the laryngectomy was done because of Cancer,you ...have been covered by the Disability Discrimination act from the time... "

" ...cancer collected her DLA form 2 weeks before her laryngectomy. She sent it off 6 weeks after her opp ...for it before she was disabled. The form was dated the... "

" ...we are recognised as officially disabled, making us qualify for Blue ...might contact the National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs at using their 'contact us' heading.... "

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" ...throat cancer....should I resgister as disabled person ? I'm really surprised Speech disabilities due to laryngectomy are indeed recognized, in both... "

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