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Other Names: Lamotrigine   Lamictal XR
Lamotrigine, marketed in the US as Lamictal by GlaxoSmithKline, is an anticonvulsant drug used in the treatment of epilepsy and... Read more on Wikipedia

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By mary
January 31, 2015
mary wrote
numb lips - doctor told me I am "his most difficult patient" -I'm trying to self decrease
He told me that I will only see effects at a minimum of 200mg and that the goat is to get to 400+. I don't feel comfortable, but on the 3rd day of going from 300 to 275 (I cut up the pill), I started acting weird & BAD. I would repeat scenes from TV I was watching OVER AND OVER AND OVER to see how I would do the lines differently. I would move me head & neck to a certain position every 30 seconds. My lips are numb and/or tingling... it's like I somehow touched some kind of chemical on my fingers & then they got in contact with my lips. Now I've had to go back up to the full 300 mg. I feel so dizzy .. I'm crying as I write this. I'll have pretend conversations to myself for up to an hour ... about past or future situations/confrontations on what I could've or should've said. I DO NOT want to be on these meds forever -- when I told my Dr. this, he told me that I was "his most difficult patient" - I suppose because, in his opinion, I was questioning him ... it's a long story.. forget it
Oh and Mary, I forgot to say that my lips get numb feeling too when it's time for next dose. It's just my particular chemistry and I'm good with it!
Carole  |  February 15, 2015
No different than any maintenance drug, high blood pressure, insulin etc., we must take our meds to be healthy.
Carole  |  February 15, 2015
I have been on Lamictal @ 300mg for over 6 years and I totally understand how you feel about not wanting to be on medication forever. However, if you do have the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, whether I or II, it is very difficult to justify coming off of medication when we are not stable. It's like when you decrease medication, your brain immediately recognizes the change in biochemical composition imbalance and the symptoms we have return or are extremely worse. I encourage you to hang
Lee  |  February 6, 2015
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By Saphire
November 20, 2014
Saphire wrote
"Lamictal vs. Viibryd"
??? why "vs"? i'm on both meds..
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By Monk718
August 21, 2014
Monk718 wrote
Lamictal and acne
My acne did not start until I hit 100mg and it was light. Then at 150mg, I started and am still having painful, blistering acne around my neck, ears and face. The pain was so bad at one point that I went to the ER and had to get some antibiotics to help. That worked but once I was done taking them, it slowly came back and within 2 weeks it's back to same pain and ugliness pre antibiotics. I go next week to dr and I'm going to try to get off of this! I can't handle the pain or the depression from the way I look. Never had acne before this with the exception of normal monthly "hormone changes". (I am also taking ambien and trazadone for sleep, and lexapro for depression.)
I also had this problem. I was 59 years old and WAY past my acne years. I stopped the drug and it went away and hasn't returned. I have to say that I felt better while on the drug. I take Welbutrin and Paxil now, been about a year. Hope you are doing better!
Bee  |  December 8, 2014
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By Ed McConkie
August 15, 2014
Ed McConkie wrote
Lamotrigine side effects
Lamotrigine has been a helpful medicine for me in treating chronic cluster migraine disease (>15 days of migraine monthly), seizures, and accompanying emotional issues. Unlike most other similar medicines I have taken for over 30 years following a traumatic brain injury in a swimming accident, I have experienced very few side effects while on lamotrigine for almost 3 years now. However, I have discovered a direct causation link with blurred vision that, unfortunately, is worsening, particularly at the higher dosage that my neurologist would like. My eye sight is already poor with significant myopia. i wear glasses while awake. The blurred vision side effect of lamotrigine is compounded by attempts to change my eye glass scripts. There is some confusion as to what is actually unrelated sight deterioration as I approach 49 years old and what is caused by lamotrigine and thus more likely to be temporary. I anticipate this dilemma to worsen in time. Finally, the blurriness is markedly worse in my right eye.
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By John W
July 29, 2014
John W wrote
Odor from taking lamotrigine
I am a Vietnam Army Era Veteran who came out of the Military in 1977 and a year later was diagnosed with a seizure disorder.I went to private hospitals over the years and was prescribed dylantin then phenobarbatol and lastly tregratol.I complained about the drug over the years and all that was done was an increase in my dosage(from 200mg to 1000mg per day)I again tried the Veterans Administration to do what they promised me and find a solution to my problem which they immediately took me off of tregratol in the fall of 2013 because I'd been hemorrhaging from what they discovered to be a cavernous malformation which was irritaded by the tregratol and put on Kepra while being introduced to Lamictal which caused a severe taste and odor to the extent that I couldn't stand the taste or smell of any foods,especially dairy products or any kind of citrus fruits,as my dosage of Kepra (100mg 2x daily)was reduced and the Lamictal was increased(100mg 2x daily) this helped to the extent that I could at least eat but still had the odor as was introduced to lacosamide(50mg 2x daily) and reduced Lamictal to 50mg 2x daily.I still have the odor(kind of a mildew/vinagar/irony odor)that still remains as I am strongly requesting to be taken off the Lamictal compleatly
When I had seizures, many, many times I knew they were coming b/c of my incredibly strong reaction to smells ... I would become markedly agitated & start actually YELLING, " WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!? WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!!! DO YOU NOT SMELL IT.. GOD, IT'S AWFUL!!" - Mine was with bacon smell mostly ... but it could've been anything really. - Your response might be seizure related ... I think there is a medical causation where when your body is preparing to seize, the part of your brain that controls
mary  |  January 31, 2015
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By gemma louise
March 23, 2014
gemma louise wrote
euthoria happier feeling lamictal and abilify
hi i get feelings of euthoria a happier feeling and contentment within me i take lamictal with abilify for my bipolar and scizophernia i love the these drugs mix well and these cause me to be rid of deppresive thoughts and stuff like that
i take 200mg of lamictal with 20mg of abilify
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By kcmetric
December 13, 2013
kcmetric wrote
Incontinence with Lamictal
I have been on lamictal for about 5 years. After changing the dose around quite a bit to adjust to things like the use of birth control, age, whatever else, I have discovered that at 300mg it causes some mild urinary incontinence. I am only 21 years old. Just thought I'd share my personal experience/discovery if someone else happens to be looking for similar symptoms/experiences.
I am not alone!!! Finally, someone can relate to the incontinence. I, so thought is was me,. If it gets any worse, I will mention something to my doctor. But I've been on it for so long, I don't want to have to find something else to help with my BIP symptoms.
February 6, 2015
I have the same thing. Plus loss of weight tiredness, and more. Doctors won't change it though and ignore me
Tanya  |  August 11, 2014
I also gained 30 pounds.
Gail M.  |  July 8, 2014
Am 57 and been on Lamictal 150mg about a year now. It helps the moods, but yes I've had incontinence with it that keeps getting worse each month. I now have to wear a maxi pad, which a year ago I didn't. I never associated it with the Lamictal till reading these posts. Thought just getting older... now I know it was the med.
Gail M.  |  July 8, 2014
Hello. I am having this issue as well.. I am on 150 mg a day. I been on it since sept.-oct. 2013... I am only 26 years old and it all started after I got on Lamictal.
heather  |  July 3, 2014
I've experienced the same. I was on 250 mg and now am down to 50. Trying to get off for various reasons.
JJ  |  March 8, 2014
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By uhhhhhm
December 5, 2013
uhhhhhm wrote
Lamictal side effects
I have been taking lamictal for about 10 weeks & the side effect started up 5-6 weeks ago. It started with an increase in appetite then slurred speech & stuttering began. Then my mom noticed that my pupils were dilated & lately my balance & coordination has been affected as well. Despite all this, my mood (I'm bipolar) has been stabilized.
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By straczyk
November 29, 2013
straczyk wrote
Lamictal and Fatigue
I was put on Lamictal for BPD, and as I got onto 100mg, I started to feel more tired waking up than I was when I went to sleep. I also experienced some gnarly headaches for time to time, in which I just tried using chronic to loosen up and ease the pressure. Now, I have been avidly working out for 4 years in a row. I am 20 years old, and I consider myself fairly athletic. Ever since starting Lamictal, I've been reaching fatigue faster in my workouts. Forget curling 15-17 pounds, I could barely push 10 pound weights. Squats are incredibly difficult. I feel a lot of weakness in my knee joints. Push-ups have been killer as well. Spoke with my psychiatrist, and she told me to go down to 50mg. No headaches, no tiredness. But I am still trying to fight fatigue. I've been doing Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer to try and work my way back up. Guess I'll have to lower my pride and just modify every long work out to last. Mood-wise, I've been fine. It's been 1.5 months, and I haven't endured any horrible mood swings but we'll see.
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By gemma roberts
November 17, 2013
gemma roberts wrote
moition sickness
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By MikeG333
September 26, 2013
MikeG333 wrote
Memory loss-Lamictal
omg!!! i can so relate with all of you....nothing to add to the conversation, just happy knowing im not the only intelligent,cant remember half my life, never can find my car keys, many embarrassing conversations, woman out there....
justme  |  November 27, 2014
I suspect it's a combination of the Bipolar and the Lamotrigine. I have read a lot that Lamotrigine can causes esp. short-term memory issues, and I so identify with Mike G333! (Picking up the kids - me too, buddy!) People tell you "keep a diary" but - seriously altho' this may sound funny - you have to remember to enter the item in the diary and remember to look in the diary!!! I just want to know if this is reversable ...
harryf200  |  November 1, 2014
I take 150mgs of Lamictal 1x daily & I have issues w/my memory. I haven't been on it for 4 yrs but just like MikeG333 wrote, I can't even remember how long I have been on it! Like Shaw321, my memory loss is sometimes a big source of embarrassment. I'm constantly forgetting words, i.e. I'll be in mid conversation w/someone & the word I'm looking for just WILL NOT come to me. It makes me feel so unbelievably stupid. It's even harder in a sense because I am & am known to be a very intelligent woma
July 10, 2014
I'm putting it on Lamictal. My memory loss is very marked and sometimes embarrassing. I'm taking it in stride, but considering new medication. Of course, these are all psychotropic and my all have the same result. Lamictal has been great over the years I've used it.
Shaw321  |  May 5, 2014
I think it's from bipolar too because before I ever started on any meds I still couldn't remember much before I was about 10 also. I read somewhere that taking L-Histidine helped improve memory loss when taking anti psychotics. Guess it's worth a try
mmistycat  |  April 18, 2014
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By mitch
August 9, 2013
mitch wrote
lamictal and 3 years of dry heaves.....almost daily
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