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Lactose Intolerance

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Lactose intolerance, also called lactase deficiency or hypolactasia, is the inability to Digestion and Metabolism lactose,...
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Common Lactose Intolerance treatments discussed around the web
Lactase 3,124 Lactaid 2,872 Dairy Ease 37
60,938 conversations around the web about Lactose Intolerance to help you make a decision
60,938 conversations around the web about Lactose Intolerance to help you make a decision
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Lactose Intolerance & Avocado

We found 101 discussions
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" avocado is good bananas fruit generally ...think. make the stuff yourself from scracth dd had a bit of lactose intolerance so we had to drastically reduce her milk intake,... "

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" make sure he gets some healthy fats, like avocado, if he does mostly almond milk. We haven't had ...just try to avoid dairy and my hubs has a lot of lactose intolerance in his... "

" ...five of us we have one with IBS, one with texture issues, ...gluten-free and one vegetarian with lactose intolerance. We have tacos a LOT! ...that if you use some avocado in your taco, you'... "

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" ...a lot of babies with lactose intolerance still do fine with them. ...ill effect, and they have a family history of lactose intolerance. You can try avocado slices, grilled cheese sandwiches in... "

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" ...I always kept a jar of that on standby. I hope Lachie has grown out of his lactose intolerance so he cam have it too. Otherwise- avocado? Ooh, and a tin of of watties peaches and semolina( I... "

" ...drank about 300mls and the pain in my stomach was awful! Was a case of lactose intolerance hitting gastric reflux, its happened ...i discovered peanut butter and avocado on toast is... "

" ...My son is allergic to dairy (different than lactose intolerance) and carrots. We also have to limit his sodium, ...he's had green beans, guacamole, avocado and pears. He loves cheerios... "

" As pp has said lactose intolerance is rare in babies - usually its protein intolerance, ...Try cooking with coconut creams which have good fats. Avocado are great. We use soy milk for our 2... "

" ...with the polyols (mmm avocado!) while others get cramps from even a tiny amount. And lactose intolerance is often genetic. Note that if your problem is lactose intolerance, an ounce or two... "

" ...gluten! I have multiple food allergies: *Gluten *Seafood ...*Garlic *Peanuts (Anaphylaxis) *Yeast *Avocado Pears *Kiwi Fruit *Sulphur ...of jam! ) *Lactose Intolerance... "

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