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Sore Throat

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Common Sore Throat treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 6,218 Acetaminophen 4,355 Ibuprofen 2,944
417,595 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
417,595 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
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LDL & Sore Throat

We found 27 discussions
" ...cause it to spike ( cold, sore throat,flu,sprains,infections etc...) can be more sudden ...cold and still had a sore throat. Also all my other ...improved-HDL stayed at 48, LDL dropped from 1... "

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" ...Are they related to LDL and triglicerids? Male 44, ...showed as follows: HDL 30.7; LDL : 157.7; Total ...243. Recently I started under Vytorin 10/20, and have a persistent sore throat and it... "

" ...vacation and then I've been sick. 2 Days into ...the cruise) I got a very sore throat and didn't feel great. But with the help of Tylenol and rum, I managed ...decrease in the LDL. The HD... "

" ...Bark Tea; Slippery Elm Bark Lozenges Traditional Usage: - Anti-inflammatory - ...Syndrome - Poultice - Reducing LDL Cholesterol - Sore Throat .................. "

" ...taken honey for several years for sinus problems and it really works ...year to lower bad cholesterol (LDL). The honey has to be ...uses for vinegar too--gargle for sore throat ( just a littl... "

" Some of your symptoms are typical with hyperacusis: headache, ear pain and ...exposure to loud sounds. The sore throat is not a typical symptom ...on. If you do the LDL test, please m... "

" ...This was before my BAV and aortic aneurysm diagnosis. Since then ...days because I had a cold and sore throat and I know that ...pretty good, total cholesterol-169 , LDL- 106, HDL- 48,... "

" ...results. Total Cholesterol 234, HDL 86, LDL 131, Triglycerides 83, Fasting blood ...higher than last year's 60. LDL also increased from last ...normally get some kind of sore throat or cold d... "

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" ...than normal but below high levels of triglycerides and LDL, despite being mid-20's in pretty good shape and diet). side, my workout energy has returned and I wake up without a sore throa... "

" to help counter my Raynaud attacks. thanks. But Total well over 300; LDL over 200. Yes, both high. ...unless I have a horrible sore throat/sinus pressure that doesn't cl... "

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